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September 12, 2020

Nelly Korda

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We are joined after the third round by Nelly Korda. Nice and toasty I'm sure with the last tee time. How did that affect things.

NELLY KORDA: It was fine until like the back nine, started walking under the umbrella. It was definitely I think a little bit more humid, but it was a very interesting day.

Q. Take us through, you hit in the water on 12346 take us through that hole and when you saw there.

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I mean, you're kind of between clubs. I was between, I think it was like 118 to the front and I was between a pitching wedge and a 9-iron and we thought since it was kind of growing downgrain that wouldn't kill it but it absolutely just -- it flew nowhere. The bermudarough just absolutely killed that shot and unfortunately it went in the watter.

Q. What did your caddie tell you?

NELLY KORDA: I think he let me cool off a little after that hole. We played twosomes the first two days and then going to threesomes, it was a lot slower. So it took me awhile to kind of get my rhythm going.

Q. You had never held a lead at a major until this week. How different was it to have that feeling and know that you'll be the co-leader going into the final round? How did you learn from what you've had the last couple days?

NELLY KORDA: It was different for sure, but good. It's a different excitement. But hopefully I'll get enough sleep tonight.

Q. Not a lot of sleep last night?

NELLY KORDA: I did. It was fine. It's just a different Saturday night before Sunday round.

Q. How do you anticipate the backdrop on 18 to come into play tomorrow with perhaps a forward tee?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I think a lot of girls are going to be using that. You still have to hit a solid second shot in obviously. The water comes into play, and if you hit it a little right like Lexi did today, you may find even the water over -- but it's still a hard second shot in, so if you hit the fairway, who knows.

Q. For a day that you deemed maybe disappointing to you, how nice is it to still see yourself at the top of the leaderboard and anything can happen tomorrow?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I mean, it was a disappointing front nine, but I was really proud of the way I fought on the back nine. Never gave up and there's still 18 more holes to be played, so much golf.

Q. What clubs did you hit on 12 and 15?

NELLY KORDA: 12, I hit a 50-degree wedge. 15, I hit a pitching wedge.

Q. And kind of what Zach was saying, when you came off the three-putt and then 6, did it take some time to kind of move on or did you collect yourself quickly?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, you always have to take some time to cool down and process everything, but there's still so much time, or so much golf to be played. So I mean, I was just thinking one shot at a time.

Q. What did you hit off the tee on 6?

NELLY KORDA: I hit a 5-wood.

Q. Did you drink more water today? I know you said that was something you had difficulty remembering to do.

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I've been actually very impressed with myself. I'm drinking a lot of water out here. Mixing a little Gatorade in it, though.

Q. When your dad won the Australian Open, it was 103 degrees in Melbourne. Have they talked to you at all about how to handle the heat?

NELLY KORDA: They always talk to me about walking under an umbrella and drinking lots of fluids. Just the basics.

Q. Curious about the final pairing, how comfortable that is for you with I guess it's two people, Brooke and Katherine, do you think there will be a lot of talking?

NELLY KORDA: Brooke and I go way back. I think we started playing events when we were 13, 14, a long time ago. So yeah, I always enjoy playing with Brooke. But I'm not sure -- I don't think I've ever played with Katherine, but she's very friendly, so it's going to be a nice group.

Q. Curious the best advice your dad has given to you about trying to win the big ones?

NELLY KORDA: Honestly, it's something you have to personally experience, because everyone learns in a different way, maybe something works for a different person doesn't work for yourself. Honestly it's just about experience and going through it yourself. Obviously they are going to try to tell me to take deep breaths and just like the basic stuff.

Q. Will they talk about it that much tonight?

NELLY KORDA: We have dinner every night. I think we're just going to talk about everything but golf (laughing).

THE MODERATOR: You played with Lexi today. Obviously yourself, No. 3 in the world, you play with Brooke tomorrow, another Top-10 player. What it's like when you can be competing in a major and you're playing against the best.

NELLY KORDA: It's exciting. It's one of the reasons why you play golf is you play with the top players in the world, and playing for a major championship doesn't get any better than that.

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