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September 12, 2020

Katherine Kirk

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

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Q. Yesterday you said it was a little weird without the grandstands here and that you guys are made to entertain. Did you feel like you were entertaining out there?

KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, maybe for the folks watching on TV. But yeah, there was a few people I guess out on their patios watching from a distance that gave us a few claps which is nice. It's such a different vibe.

Yeah, we'll miss everyone obviously tomorrow but like I said yesterday, thankful to ANA that we are even here and I know IMG worked really hard on multiple plans, multiple times. We're just thankful.

Q. Take us through the birdies especially in the beginning. Did you feel like you were off to a hot start, and did you feel very comfortable in your game at that point?

KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, certainly any time it starts well like that, it take the pressure off and you can settle into your round easier. I had a long putt on 1. I think it had to be 33 feet or something. You're not expecting to make those but it was a good roll and I was happy to see it go in and yeah just carry that momentum forward.

Overall, I can't complain at all. I pretty much executed my game plan and hopefully I can be a little bit sharper tomorrow, maybe make a few more putts but overall I'm pretty happy.

Q. Did you realize where you are on the leaderboard?

KATHERINE KIRK: There are some leaderboards out there on the back and I did take a quick glance a few times. But this golf course is not easy, and you have to hit fairways to have a chance, really, of making any birdies. That was the quickest way to get me back into the game plan and focus was to realize, hey, I've got tough shots ahead of me. I've got to go hit good shots and forget about the leaderboard and just go play golf.

Q. You had with you amateur Gabi ruffles, a fellow Australian. How cool was that for you as a veteran of the game, being able to have someone like that who is just coming up into her own?

KATHERINE KIRK: She's got phenomenal talent and obviously a really lovely young lady. She's going to be great when she comes out here. Super happy I got to play with her. That's the first time actually. I watched her play in the US Women's Am a couple weeks ago. I knew she was good. She's impressive. I'm excited for her and her career, and we'll welcome her with open arms when she gets out on the LPGA for sure.

Q. Are you going to be the new Australian mentor?

KATHERINE KIRK: I'd be more than happy, but she's got all the right tools already. I did give her my phone number in case she wanted to ask me any questions. She's got a great head on her shoulder and good people around here. She'll be fine whenever she turns pro.

Q. A stellar round for you, but how awesome would it be to be able to jump into Poppy's Pond tomorrow?

KATHERINE KIRK: Doubly good because it's so stinking hot out here and it would be great to cool off. I have a lot of hard work, and there are a lot of great players on the leaderboard so I'm probably going to have to go low tomorrow and it's going to take a really good number, but anything is possible in this game, so just got to stay patient and stay positive.

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