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September 12, 2020

Carlota Ciganda

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A nice 5-under par 67 today with seven birdies around Mission Hills. How good did it feel to do that on moving day?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, very good. Actually very happy because the last eight holes, I played 4-under par, so that was really nice. As you said, seven birdies is always a positive. Yeah, I made a few more putts. I didn't hit as good as the first two days, the two days, the two days I just played, Thursday, Friday, I didn't make any putts. That's golf. Today I made a few more putts. Par 5s, a couple birdies. So yeah, very happy with my result.

Q. How much do you think an effort like today's effort will come into play tomorrow to help you hopefully get a jump into Poppy's Pond?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I think it's a good day for sure. I think if you are within two, three, four, even five shots coming into the last nine holes, I think you have a chance to win at this golf course. Anything can happen with those last few holes. I think I am in a good position. I am very excited for tomorrow.

Q. How much would a win here for your first major title mean to you, especially in the heat, jump into Poppy's Pond, all the tradition and everything that comes with it?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: It's a dream. That's why I play golf. I want to win golf tournaments and I want to win major championships and this is one of my favorite courses. Just have to play good golf. I like the way they set the course up, quite narrow. You have to hit the ball straight, so I think it's good for ball-striking. Yeah, it would mean the world, so hopefully I can have a good round tomorrow and have a chance.

Q. A lot has been made about how the course has played differently from the original spring date that we typically play. In your mind, how different is it, and how have you adjusted to it?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: The grass is for sure different. I don't think the ball is running as much on the fairways. I think the fairways are tight, the same as the spring, and then the greens are pretty quick. But yeah, the grass is completely different. I think you have to be a little bit lucky on the rough. Sometimes you can get a good lie and sometimes you have to chip it out.

So I think it's the way it should be: If you hit good shots, you should be rewarded, and if you don't hit it on the fairway, you should be penalized. It's a great set up and I really like this place.

Q. With a presumptive forward tee for the final round usually here, how do you anticipate the grandstand, the backdrop on 18 to potentially into come into play?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I didn't know what to expect coming here. Having no people, I didn't know if there was going to be a grandstand. I think it helps. Obviously it's the same for everyone. You can be a little more aggressive and still hit it against the wall. I think it's a hard up-and-down. I think it's a quick shot that everything goes to the water, so I don't think it's easy to make an up-and-down. I think it's a great hole from the forward tees, and yeah, I'm excited to play tomorrow.

Q. Going from twosomes the first couple days to threesomes today and tomorrow, did that change the pace to ever so slightly the way you liked it?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Playing twosomes, it was great. I mean, twosomes, you just go a bit quicker. Today it was threesomes. We had a good match with Georgia Hall and Minjee Lee, so it was a nice pace. Yeah, it was fine.

Q. How have you adjusted to the heat out here?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I live in Phoenix, so I mean, it's quite hot there and I was there last week and it was much hotter than this. To be honest I think it's been pretty nice. I don't think it's been as hot as they were saying and I think the week has been really nice.

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