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September 12, 2020

Stacy Lewis

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A nice 5-under par 67 on moving day to vault up the leaderboard. How did it feel to get that performance under your belt?

STACY LEWIS: It's a little disappointing given how I played the front nine, but overall 5-under on Saturday is usually pretty good and maybe give me an outside chance tomorrow.

Q. The rest of the day, do you kind of look at more of what you did on the front nine versus the back nine, how you game plan for tomorrow?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, you know, other than the putts just didn't go in on the back nine, I hit it great all day, gave myself a ton of looks. Hit some good putts that didn't go in. So just need a few more putts to fall and get the putter a little hotter, but the golf swing feels really good, so I'm excited about tomorrow.

Q. Overnight, do you take a look at some of your past experiences here and maybe draw on them a little bit as to how to get back into that winner's circle here?

STACY LEWIS: I think so. Just getting off to a good start, you have a few holes early where you can make birdies on and just using past experience with different hole locations and how to get the ball close, and you know, again, just the key for me is I've got to get the putter a little hotter.

Q. Just like the weather out here, speaking of the weather, how maybe more satisfying would a jump into Poppy's Pond be with these temperatures?

STACY LEWIS: The jump would feel great this year. I bet that water is a lot warmer than it normally is.

Q. How do you anticipate where the grandstand is with the wall playing 18 tomorrow?

STACY LEWIS: Well, if the tee such, obviously the wall is in play, and was truthfully very disappointed to see that when I got here this week. But it is what it is. We're all playing the same course, and you just hopefully it doesn't affect tomorrow's outcome.

Q. What's the excitement level to be in this position heading into the final round of a major?

STACY LEWIS: I'm just excited wherever my game is at. It's been a while since I felt as comfortable as I have been off the tee and just with my golf swing, but more than anything, just excited the way I'm playing.

Q. How would you like to see the course conditions play tomorrow to give you the best chance, and what did your husband help on the putting?

STACY LEWIS: Well, the putting, he kind of saw something in my setup was kind of the heel of the putter getting up in the air. So it's really just getting the putter flatter, especially on left-to-rights, so it was kind of a big deal and obviously was a lot better today.

And then tomorrow, I mean, probably pretty similar to today. For me, probably need some of the tees back, 11 should be back, just making birdies a little bit tougher. But I mean, the greens are firm. It's going to play hard. You've got the stress of a major, so I mean, you can come-from-behind here.

Q. Plays a little longer suits to your advantage?

STACY LEWIS: I would think so. I think with these holes reachable and with the tees up, doesn't necessarily help me out as much.

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