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September 11, 2020

Nanna Koerstz Madsen

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Nanna, what a day out there for you. I was just talking to your caddie, only one lemon today on the first tee. Why that?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I don't know, I was probably a little nervous or something.

Q. Definitely an impressive score out there today. How were you feeling after the second round?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I was feeling pretty good after the second round. I had some fairways missed yesterday, so I would have liked to go in and hit some balls on the range, but it was closed. Then I came this morning and it wasn't either. Actually only hit four fairways today. So yeah, I'm just happy that I kept it going, yeah.

Q. Some really strong iron play out there; what have you been working on before coming up to this major that you think has really been strengthened that you can showcase here?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, yeah, I've been working a lot on my irons, especially my putting. So yeah, those two things has been what I've been working on, yeah.

Q. I know here in the States you practice in Boca Rio. Bermuda is native to Florida I want to say; how are you adjusting to the Bermudagrass here this month?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: It's actually been going quite well. Usually I'm not that good at Bermuda, but it worked out quite well. But I've hit a lot of greens, so that makes it easier, I think. The hard part is chipping around greens in the Bermuda, so lucky I haven't had to do that much.

Q. A bogey-free round, even though you only hit four fairways out there. Do you feel as if you're playing more aggressive or more patient out there?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I'm playing definitely more patient than I probably would have done without my caddie. I like to attack everything I see, but yeah, every time you're out of position, you just have to go to the middle of the green, and I've been out of position a lot, so yeah, it's been very defensive.

Q. But still being able to put together what you've put together today, what's there to improve upon going into the weekend, and are you one of those people that's checking out the leaderboards as you're coming down?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I don't mind looking at the leaderboard. My caddie tells me not to look, but I look. But yeah, I have to work on my driver. I need to get more fairways than four. Yeah, if I can get more fairway hits, then I'm sure I will be fine because my iron game is really good.

Q. Are you looking at Nelly's score at the moment, or are you just focusing on your own shot?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, she's been playing really good. What is she, four strokes ahead of me? And if she's going to continue that, then it's going to be really hard to catch up with her. I'm thinking more to just focus on my own game. If I can get a good finish in a major, I'll still be happy.

Q. What does it do for your confidence level to know that you can still scramble out of the rough or outside of the fairway to be able to put together such a low round on the second day here?

NANNA KOERSTZ MADSEN: It feels great because I've been struggling a lot to scramble the last couple of years, so it was nice seeing some saves out there.

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