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September 11, 2020

Nelly Korda

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Who's the best putter in the world?


Q. I thought it was so interesting in your press conference this week, you told us that that's a conversation you and your coach regularly have. He wants you to verbalize it out loud. You looked like one of the best putters in the world today, a fantastic birdie putt at 1 and 8, but how about 2 and 3? How important were those par saves for this round?

NELLY KORDA: Definitely really important. I did not know what I was doing on those two holes. My caddie Jason just said, okay, just take a deep breath right now, so I was happy those two went in. Golf is just all about momentum, so you roll one in here and there and it just makes it a lot easier.

Q. I said yesterday you made it look easy. You had to work a little bit more today, but just watching you, you were chatting with Jessica here on the green. You look extremely comfortable. You're chasing your first major title. What was behind being so comfortable and confident right now?

NELLY KORDA: I think just consistent play. And as well, having fun. My caddie and I have a lot of fun. We giggle a lot on the golf course, and we just try and keep it super light. I think that's really the key this week.

Q. What's been the most important part of your success so far after two rounds?

NELLY KORDA: My putting, definitely my putting. Thank God for my putting today.

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