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September 11, 2020

Mel Reid

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A nice steady 2-under par-70 today; how did it go out there today?

MEL REID: Yeah, it was good. I hit it solid. Hit a couple of drives here and there which I'm not overly pleased with, but that just goes to show there's room for improvement over the weekend. Yeah, left a couple out there but made some great par saves at the same time. So feel like I'm in a great position going into the weekend.

Q. Is there any hole that stands out as maybe one that was a great save today that kind of helped keep you in the hunt here heading into the weekend?

MEL REID: Yeah, 12 I kind of hit it slightly left off the tee. It's such a difficult tee shot on No. 12. I kind of hit it at the back and made a great chip, almost holed it. That was a great par save. And then the next hole I hit the cart path on the left. I hate concrete cart paths. They don't like me. We had to just try and scoot it in that front right bunker and knocked it to about 10 feet and holed a really nice kind of snakey right to lefter there, so that kind of kept the momentum. Yeah, so made some really good par saves.

Q. Just one bogey in each of the first two rounds; how close do you feel if you can eliminate those over the weekend you can be making --

MEL REID: Yeah, and it was a stupid bogey. I had a gap wedge in, just caught it slightly fat when it was into grain. Yeah, like I said, there's certainly room for improvement, which is obviously a good sign, and yeah, I'm excited for the weekend.

Q. How did you feel the course played in relation to your round yesterday in the afternoon?

MEL REID: The greens were definitely a touch softer. They're still baking out a little bit for the afternoon lot. But it's in good shape, again, very similar to yesterday. Ball wasn't flying quite as far this morning, and we had a little bit of an advantage having the greens slightly softer.

Q. Would you like to see the course get firmer and faster on the weekend?

MEL REID: Yeah, I would. I have a nice high ball flight, so I would love to see it get a little firmer. But I think the greens will naturally, if I'm completely honest. They've kind of got firmer over the last couple days, so yeah, I mean, I would love it to be playing a little bit firmer and faster. I think it would benefit me, so I'd be all up for that.

Q. Obviously Nelly is playing very well; what do you like most about her game?

MEL REID: I'm a big fan of Nelly. She's not only a great golfer, she's a great girl. She swings it pure. I think she's got one of if not the best golf swing out here, and she's just got a great head on her. I think Jess has helped her out a lot. Those two are extremely close. Living in Jupiter I've gotten to know Jess pretty well. Yeah, I think she's just -- the sky is the limit for her. I think she's a great player, and she's definitely going to be the one to catch this weekend.

Q. At what point did she stop being Jessica's sister and just become her own player and person?

MEL REID: I think when she won pretty much straightaway. Yeah, it's always tough when your sister is as successful as Jess, but I think she's handled the whole pressure and the atmosphere out here very, very well. You know, all credit to her. Like I said, I'm a big fan of Nelly. She's a great girl, which is more important than being a great golfer. Yeah, she's got a very steady head on her shoulders.

Q. How are they different, those two?

MEL REID: Nelly is a little bit more reserved, if I'm honest. Jess is a little bit more -- speaks her mind, which I quite enjoy. I think me and Jess have some good conversations. Yeah, she's certainly more reserved. She's very laid back. Yeah, they are very, very different, but I think that together they're kind of a perfect match.

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