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September 10, 2020

In Gee Chun

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Rolex rankings No. 54, In Gee Chun, who shot a first-round 67 here at the ANA Inspiration. Your 67 was your lowest career round here at the Dinah Shore tournament course. You played very well. How do you feel as you come off the golf course?

IN GEE CHUN: I really tried not to be hard on myself on the golf course. I wanted to have fun out there and work really well, and I made a great round today.

THE MODERATOR: Was there any specific hole or specific shot that you thought was very good for you today?

IN GEE CHUN: I think I made a great second shot from 16, and it was a great up-and-down from No. 18.

THE MODERATOR: Talk us through the up-and-down on 18. What was your thought process as you went through that to finish your round?

IN GEE CHUN: Honestly, I feel it's tougher to play from the Bermuda. They changed the grass around the green. I thought it was okay for a lie, but it was stopped from impact, so I couldn't make the first shots. But I tried to focus on my par and just let it go, and I made a great up-and-down.

Q. I was hoping you could take us back to when the pandemic hit, kind of where you were for most of the break and what you did.

IN GEE CHUN: I was in Korea for four months. I had a big break with my family and my friends. Honestly, I got a little struggle for my golf before, so I wanted to just have a big break and get ready to go to play again. I was in Korea, then I moved to Lancaster to prepare for the first tournament, for Toledo.

THE MODERATOR: So you stayed in Lancaster? That's such a special place for you.

IN GEE CHUN: Yeah, before two weeks, yeah.

Q. Was it just a good break for you mentally? Was it a refresh?

IN GEE CHUN: Everyone had a hard time, so I don't want to say I had a great break. But honestly it was a good break for me to have a refresh. I saw the doctors and medical when they helped to the people, and I got my passion came back because they did work hard, so I tried to think of my job. I can't be a good player again and work hard again, so it was great to see them and a great break.

Q. What was the cause of struggles in your game the last couple years? Was it injury?

IN GEE CHUN: No, just I think I made stress for myself because it wasn't perfect, so I wanted to make more perfect for my golf game and putting more pressure, so I tried to reset for everything. No matter what, just try and have fun from out there.

Q. Were you unhappy playing golf?

IN GEE CHUN: Sure. I really enjoyed to play the last couple events and I really enjoyed to play today. It was great to see all the people from LPGA.

Q. Was there a time when golf was not fun?

IN GEE CHUN: Honestly like one and a half year I couldn't enjoy to play golf, but I felt I had to play golf. Now I want to -- I got the passion back and really enjoy to play golf.

Q. Did you start to get your passion back during the break or before the break?

IN GEE CHUN: A little before the break, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: You said you went to Lancaster. That's such a special place for you. Do you have people you stay with, or what were you doing while you were in Lancaster?

IN GEE CHUN: After 14 days quarantine, I was in one of the members' house there. It felt like my second grandma. I always have fun staying with her, and my birthday was August 10, so before I leave she gave me a birthday cake and we had a great time from there. Even it was great to see all the members. When I go there, they're always cheering me and they're pretty nice to me. It's very happy and very honored to be a member from over there.

Q. If somebody called from home and said, what was your best birdie today, what would you tell them? Too many to count?

IN GEE CHUN: I think No. 2 because I missed a short birdie putt from the first hole, but I made a birdie on the second. It was like 20 feet. It was a great moment.

Q. When you won the U.S. Women's Open, English was -- you did everything in Korean, understandably. You're doing so well here in English. How good does it feel to be able to communicate your thoughts so well in English all these years later, and do you get nervous doing this still?

IN GEE CHUN: Honestly I feel still nervous and it's stress for me. Even after I got a big break, my English felt like rusty. Even before start the press conference here, I got a little nervous, as well. But thank you for saying that. I always try to do a little homework, just what I want to say everyone. I think it would help a lot.

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