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September 10, 2020

Kristen Gillman

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Kristen, it was an interesting start there with a double bogey, but you quickly got it back. Tell us the story of your round today. Looks like you had a lot of colors here on your card.

KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, at the beginning, the first hole, I just felt like I was playing ping-pong all around that hole. I just couldn't get it in the hole. I was hitting good shots after that. My putts still weren't falling, and I knew that there was still so much golf left to be played, and even though I had a bad start, just stay patient, so I just hung in there and eventually my putts started falling in.

Q. On No. 6 you had a birdie and then birdies at 8, 9, 10 and 11. What changed for you out there?

KRISTEN GILLMAN: I was just kind of -- kept trusting in my process. I was hitting good shots, and some of these holes out here, they're tricky to get to, so you just have to stay patient and know that birdies will come on some holes.

Q. What are your thoughts here on the new look of the golf course, seeing it in this different time of year, some new bunkers, some changes out there? What are your thoughts?

KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I really like it. Last year was my first year, so it's not like I'm too used to what it used to be like, but I feel like it's playing really well this week. I'm surprised with how firm and long they can get the rough out there, and so I think it's still playing tough and a great championship golf course.

Q. We had a nice day yesterday. It's picking back up. You're from Texas, you're used to heat, but how do you deal with it on a day like today?

KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, you just need to make sure that you keep drinking enough water, eating enough food out there. Today since we were in the morning it wasn't too bad, but I know tomorrow you just need to make sure that you're drinking all the time, keep eating, that way you don't lose energy.

Q. During the practice rounds you're halfway through a pretty demanding week. Are you approaching this differently as far as how you rest, recover and all the other things you do?

KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I feel like -- I only played nine holes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I was just trying to take it easy to conserve as much energy as I could for the week. I feel like if you can do that in the beginning, then that definitely helps. Make sure you drink a lot of water whenever you finish your rounds, get hydrated for the next day.

Q. Do you feel like people are being a little less social this week and just focused more on rest?

KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, it's so hot that I just grab my lunch and go back to my hotel room. I'd rather just eat by myself in the air-conditioning. Yeah, I feel like it's come out here, get your work done and then leave.

Q. Obviously you guys have adjusted to not having fans. That's become the new normal. But this week especially there's usually really big, loud galleries. Did you miss that energy today?

KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, it's definitely nice having fans out there. I feel like it helps with momentum, especially whenever you're playing well and kind of have a birdie stretch going, but it is what it is, and we have to keep everyone safe, and so just do your best to try to create your own momentum out there.

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