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September 10, 2020

Kelly Tan

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Kelly, nice round this afternoon, a 4-under par to start the ANA Inspiration. What was really going well for you in your game today?

KELLY TAN: Oh, just hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and kept giving myself the chances for birdies. Yeah, just really good driving day today overall.

Q. How much did you feed off of playing with Janet as your playing partner? She had a strong day, as well. What was it like bouncing off each other through the 18?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I mean, it's real fun playing with Janet today. Yeah, we were just pretty relaxed out there first out and kept giving ourselves a lot of looks out there and just seems like we kept making birdies, and it was really fun.

Q. You mentioned this was your sixth start out here since the restart. You started the restart with a couple top-15 performances. How did that help build confidence in your game after the long layoff and especially getting out here and starting the major off the way you did?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, just worked really hard during the quarantine fitness-wise and I got to go down and see my coach before the Drive On event and just work on a couple things and just get to see that I'm playing well. I feel like I'm playing well, so it's good to see that the results are showing off.

Q. What in particular did you work on with your coach?

KELLY TAN: I mean, not very much. Just a little bit technically. He just pretty much told me that you're swinging great. Putting looks good, just be confident. I just took that and, yeah, took that with me on the course.

Q. You earned your card for this year through Q-Series last year. When you entered the year versus what you've seen now, how much different is it in terms of what you anticipated playing and what you have gotten into?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, just to be honest in general, just very grateful to be playing golf right now. You know, I just told myself that I'll take what it gives me this year and try to play hard and see where that puts me. Yeah, I didn't really have too much expectation on how many events I was going to get in, but I knew if I played well, I would play my way into the ANA and major championships like this.

Q. You mentioned to me you don't have a whole lot you can do later the rest of the day obviously with quarantine rules in effect here, but you're going to have a long time to think about it before your afternoon tee time tomorrow. How do you expect the course to play a little different with the afternoon tee time versus the morning tee time based off what you saw in practice rounds this week?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I was just talking to my caddie the last two holes that the ball is flying a little further and the ball is releasing on the green a little more. I think we got to taste a little bit of that, and I'm sure tomorrow it's going to play a little more different.

You know, this afternoon I'm just going to focus on get home, take a nice shower and find a series of Netflix to watch and binge watch for the afternoon and make dinner, and yeah, just take it one step at a time. It's just another day tomorrow, and I'll just do my best.

Q. Anything you're going to finish on Netflix in particular?

KELLY TAN: I think I'm watching an "I'm a Killer" series. I think I only have like two series left, so I'm going to have to find something else. I'll finish that very soon today.

Q. How did it getting warmer through the day impact your round and how are you going to prepare for the heat tomorrow in the afternoon wave?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, it's definitely nice to play off at 7:15, but the temperature didn't like drop too fast, so you kind of get a taste of that. My caddie just kept reminding me that I have to drink water and stuff like that. As the round gets on you just kind of play and you get a taste of, oh, that flew a little further or that didn't quite fly as far. I think we judged that really well today, and hopefully we'll do that tomorrow.

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