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September 5, 2020

Viktor Hovland

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Such a different format this week. Have you put any thought into it or from where you're starting was it just a matter of going out and playing the best golf you can?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, obviously spotting the best players in the world by 10, 8, 7, 5 shots, that's quite the head start, especially when I don't really feel like I'm hitting the ball very well, so every single round I'm playing feels like a grind to kind of barely get through to break par. Obviously when you're playing like that, it's hard to catch up with the guys ahead.

But normally if I was playing really well, I'd really like the challenge. Then it's kind of just a bulldog mentality, go out there and try and make as many birdies as you can.

Q. I don't know how much thought you've put into the Rookie of the Year race, but it seems like it's down to you and Scottie. Does this feel like depending on how this plays out between you two, it could be a four-round event to decide who gets the award?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Maybe. Obviously he's had a great year with his recent 59 and his fourth-place finish at the PGA, I think, recently, so he's played really, really consistent this year. I'd probably put him maybe slightly in front of me --

Q. Would you really, even with the win?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, just he's had more top 10s and top 5s, but it's not up to me to judge. I've had a good year myself, but definitely a lot of things to improve.

Q. To get inside your head for the vote, if you finished ahead of him this week here, would that change your mind?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: If I beat him by one shot, it's only one shot --

Q. Five shots, I'll give you that.

VIKTOR HOVLAND: For me it would be an honor to win the Rookie of the Year, but it's not -- I try to kind of take care of the business myself, and it's up to other people to decide who's played better.

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