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August 29, 2020

Angela Stanford

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Pinnacle Country Club

Press Conference

Q. Angela Stanford here with back-to-back rounds of 66; finished the day off with a birdie there on 9.

How does that feel and how are you feeling walking off the golf course?

ANGELA STANFORD: Felt really good to get that last one. You always want to end on a birdie I guess.

It's felt really good this week. You know my instructor was here early in the week and I told him I feel like if I can get some putts rolling and make some putts I feel like I might have a pretty good week.

Felt like I started hitting it better last week at the British or at AIG. So I felt like if I could just get the ball rolling...

And I love this place, I love the golf course, I love the greens. I mean, sponsor is amazing, P&G and Walmart. The community. It's just a great week. It has a great vibe.

Q. And your results show at this event; you've had a few runner-up finishes here. You're in great position heading into the final round. What does this event mean to you and the LPGA Tour?

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I mean, obviously this year just so many things going on, and to have a partner - partners - in Walmart and P&G is a big deal. For them to put us on the course this week and let us play is pretty cool, and I think we're all extremely thankful. We want to do our best for them, too.

So I think that has this year been -- in getting to play, I think that's the one thing that I appreciate our sponsors and I appreciate the fact that they're elevating women's sports by getting us out here on the course.

Q. You mentioned you kind of turned a corner at the AIG Women's Open last week. You had a great finish there. What you did learn or what did you work on coming into this week after that?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think I just tend to -- in the wind I tend to fall back into my old habits. So when we went out after the brief rain delay the wind picked up a little bit, so I really have to pay attention, because I kind of start going doing all my old things again.

So I really, really worked on that the weekend of the Scottish when I missed the cut and felt great playing at AIG. I felt like I hit some really good shots and had a great last round.

So I knew I had some momentum coming in. I just had to get the putter on track.

Q. The last few days you've had a bit of a Solheim Cup pairing with Angel and Cristie. What was that like and what were you guys talking about out there?

ANGELA STANFORD: I love it. That's been the coolest part about so far -- well, a lot of different things -- but after Pat asked me, getting to play with some of these younger kids and playing with Angel and obviously Kerr is a veteran. To get to watch them and see them from a different angle, because obviously you're always competing against them, but now I get to actually watch a little bit.

So that's been the fun part. And I tell you, these young kids are really good.

Q. So look out Europe in 2021?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I think so.

Q. Best of luck tomorrow.


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