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August 28, 2020

Stephanie Meadow

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Pinnacle Country Club

Press Conference

Q. Stephanie, great round today, and you had an eagle on 18.

First of all, how was that experience?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, I hit two really good shots. Hit a great drive and 5-wood to like four feet to make eagle. One of the easiest eagles I've ever made for sure.

Just really nice to get that going in the middle of the round. That was my 9th hole, so good momentum going into the back.

Q. Then looking forward to the rest of the two rounds, what are you going to focus on? Putting? Long game? Short game?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: I had a lot of wedges today, so I'm just going to go to the range and hone that in a little bit. I think that's going to be really important. Obviously it's kind of a birdiefest out here, so I just need to be on pointe in putting, too.

Q. What's it like to be playing this event again this year, especially with no fans?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: You know, it's the event most I've noticed not having fans. When we walk up to 17 and there is like nobody there, kind of feels like a ghost town a little bit.

So definitely missing them. But there are a few people in their community sitting in their yard trying to cheer us on from a distance, which is really nice they're here to support us.

Q. What are you going to do tonight to wind down and get ready for tomorrow? You have an early tee time.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, not super early, which is nice. I have an airbnb and we're going to hang out and cook some food with my fiance, Kyle, and just hang out and take a nice cold shower.

Q. And lastly, in terms of course conditions tomorrow, are you hoping for the putting to be a little bit smoother?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, for sure. I mean, that's always a tough thing to be at the end of the day. The greens are going to be bumpy no matter where we are. They'll definitely be smoother tomorrow morning.

I made my fair share of putts out there today, so I'm pretty happy.

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