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August 25, 2020

Filip Krajinovic

New York, New York, USA

Press Conference

F. KRAJINOVIC/M. Fucsovics

6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. A terrific match, 6-2, 6-1 win. What were the keys tonight? What led you to such a convincing performance?

FILIP KRAJINOVIC: I knew I play a good match. Fucsovics is always tough opponent. He play very clean tennis. He fights a lot.

Be honest, I didn't expect it's gonna be 2 and 1, but that show me I'm playing good tennis right now.

I feel the ball really well. Even yesterday I felt the ball real well. I felt like I played aggressive, which I need to play.

Today I was a little bit nervous. Beginning was tough for both, but then on that game, 4-2, I was playing serve and volley. Then two points was I think key today and went my way.

Q. Your career highest ranking was 26. It's 32 at the moment. Do you feel like you're starting to find some rhythm this week that could lead you to exceed that career-high ranking maybe this season?

FILIP KRAJINOVIC: Definitely I think I will be better than 26 in the world. I feel like I have the game. I feel I have a good team.

Be honest, I was working really, really hard last couple of months, actually last year when I start to work with Janko (phonetic). We change couple things, and we know the goals. I think I will break that ranking of 26 very soon.

Q. You'll play your first Masters Series quarterfinal, I believe, facing Milos Raonic. You have never played Milos before. What thoughts do you have playing against him?

FILIP KRAJINOVIC: I'm not playing first time quarterfinal Masters Series. I played final.

Q. I beg your pardon.

FILIP KRAJINOVIC: Couple years ago, 2017.

Yeah, Milos definitely a tough opponent. Serves really big. He was top 10, and I know it's going to be very tough for me to beat him, but for sure, I have a lot of confidence.

Tomorrow I will give my best, that's for sure. I hope I will find my game and stay aggressive as much as I can.

Q. Just going more off of Milos, I don't know how much you have been able to watch him this week or this year, but how close, if you have been watching him, how close do you think he is to being back to where he once was? Just how difficult is it to play such a big server like that when he puts so much pressure on you?

FILIP KRAJINOVIC: I know Milos forever. We used to play juniors together, so I know him really, really well.

It's always tough to play against those guys whose serve is really big. Puts a lot of pressure on your serve. But you have couple of players like that, and you have to always find a way, fight for every point, that's the key, and just try to get your chance.

Tomorrow I will step it up, try to get my chance and play my game. I'll be focused on my game. I will not be focused on his serve or his game. I will be focused to be aggressive and to play my tennis.

Q. Obviously it's difficult to come back to tour competition after so many months. How happy are you that you've been able to hit the ground running like this?

FILIP KRAJINOVIC: Oh, for sure I'm very happy. I think all players had a tough time without tennis, but I stayed positive. I tried to improve some things on my game, because it was a perfect time. I was healthy.

In tennis, you don't have that much time to be healthy and not play tournaments. And that was the time that you're at home, and I was just hoping that we going to play tournaments as soon as possible. Same time I was enjoying and trying to improve my game.

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