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August 21, 2020

Kevin Kisner

Norton, Massachusetts, USA

TPC Boston

Quick Quotes

Q. What did you shoot?

KEVIN KISNER: 5-under.

Q. How would you assess your round?

KEVIN KISNER: I played solid. Driving it in the fairway and making some putts and that's what we all attain to do. Like I told Rich, I've been playing golf game and not golf swing the last couple weeks, which is a lot of fun.

Q. When did the light come on to start doing that?

KEVIN KISNER: Well, I've been working on my golf swing all through COVID and haven't really felt comfortable until about Memphis, I started to see some strides and hit the ball nicely at the PGA and then last week it really clicked.

Q. Why did you work on your swing in COVID? Because there was nothing else to?


Q. Did you go from being fine to screwing yourself up?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, that's what we all do. We're idiots.

Q. I people always talk about this being a bomber's course and certainly doesn't hurt but you also had Chris Kirk and Olin Browne. How is it different?

KEVIN KISNER: I can get to all three par 5s or at least close enough, the only one I can't really is 7, but I can get close enough to chip it around there. I've got to play angles on that, second shot. And I can get to 4, too, which is a drivable hole.

But I haven't birdied 2 or 4 in the first two rounds. I'm leaving a couple out there. Like I told Rich there's three or four par 4s I'm playing from par the tee box. If I can par those every day -- there's plenty of birdie holes out there. The greens are not firm. If they get firm, it will be more difficult for me because I'm going to have a longer way in.

Q. 14, what did you hit?

KEVIN KISNER: I've hit 4-iron both days. Today I hit 5-wood into 12. I had 235 or something hole into the wind. That's probably the long every one is 12.

Q. I would guess without seeing it but 11 might have been a good shot.

KEVIN KISNER: 11 was good. I pulled it right at it. I was aiming eight yards right of it. Looked up, it was going right at it. It was ten feet, 5-wood, 240 or something.

Q. How many 5-woods you hit today?


Q. What's your FedExCup standing?

KEVIN KISNER: I was at 40 coming in. I've got some work to do.

Q. You're down from a guy who is 80th, or around 70th where you don't have to think so much about next week?

KEVIN KISNER: I'd like to go ahead and get it done this week because I don't know anything about the golf course next week. I've never been there. So I don't want to go next week knowing I've got to finish top five or top ten and make it be a golf course that totally doesn't suit me. So I have no idea about that.

I know this golf course well. Feel I'm playing well, can get it done and start moving up next week to have a chance at East Lake.

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