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August 21, 2020

Cameron Davis

Norton, Massachusetts, USA

TPC Boston

Quick Quotes

Q. Better warmup today?

CAMERON DAVIS: It was very, very minute difference to yesterday. It was still pretty rough. It was a similar sort of deal. Rather than trying to find good shots out there, I just treat it as a warmup and when I go to the first tee, it will be a different story. I had a similar sort of process, it was good.

Q. You got off to another good start. Just following your game plan like you did yesterday?

CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah, it's the same sort of deal. I mean, same -- distance from the pin that I'm aiming, same looks for putts and same clubs off the tees. It's just, you know, I feel like my game plan around here doesn't need to change very much. So far through two rounds, it's been really good. I just need to do two more of those and should be good.

Q. Seems like you're putting the mental and physical side of the game, you're bringing them together this week?

CAMERON DAVIS: I've been working hard on both and it's nice to see both coming together. Through the quarantine, there was not much golf at all. Took a little while to get going again. A little bit of work on both is nice to see it kind of coming together to the point where I can play 18 holes of good quality stuff.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to 36 more and see where it takes many he.

Q. You shot 65 today, but did you think a 59 was out there anywhere?

CAMERON DAVIS: The greens are rolling really well this morning. The wind is not too strong. I can see someone getting really hot and getting 10-, 11-under and they are really driving it well and giving themselves lots of wedges in. Yeah, I wouldn't put it past many guys here. They are all here for a reason. They have had a good season. I'm sure they have the game to take it low. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It will be good fun.

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