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August 21, 2020

Georgia Hall

Quick Quotes

Q. Really tough conditions, possibly tougher than yesterday. Can you talk a little about it?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, the front nine was still as tough as yesterday, plus we got some rain, so I think that was a lot harder. Normally on the back nine, because the way the wind is, it plays downwind, but it actually switched and it wasn't downwind at all. It was strong left-to-right winds which is quite tough and also made the holes a lot longer than yesterday.

So yeah, I mean, it was a struggle out there. It took a lot more effort with the wind and the rain and trying to keep your balance over putts. But I was happy the way I finished off.

Q. Wind, rain, at times sunshine. How did you manage to keep your focus with so many different seasons coming into your 18 holes?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it changes quite a lot, and thankfully I have my caddie and he can make sure I've got everything, carry most of it, take my jacket on and off all the time when it's raining because I don't like swinging in a waterproof jacket.

I think we handled it pretty well and hopefully tomorrow will be a little less stressful.

Q. It was a slog out there but anything you're particularly proud of, any up-and-downs or particular holes? The last two were important pars.

GEORGIA HALL: On 16, I holed a 6- or 7-footer for par, as well. The last three holes were playing quite tough and I managed to make par on all of them. I knew I was fairly close to the cut mark. One bad shot and you could get a double-bogey. I was trying to play as best as I can.

Yeah, I was proud the way I kind of grinded and hopefully I can get a good night's sleep tonight.

Q. I know you absolutely love this tournament, so how important is it to you to make the cut and be here for the weekend?

GEORGIA HALL: Oh, yeah, I absolutely love this tournament and it's so important for me to sometimes put maybe a little bit too much pressure on myself, but it's only because I absolutely love and enjoy playing it, and I even loved it out there even though it's really tough. Hopefully I can shoot some low scores on the weekend.

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