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August 21, 2020

Alena Sharp

Quick Quotes

Q. Going from being the first group to tee off yesterday and to conditions today, what was it like preparing for both?

ALENA SHARP: The wind was definitely a little different today. I felt like it was stronger at times, more crossing. Yesterday was more out of the south, so it was more into and down, which I felt was easier to deal with. Definitely makes for some tougher iron shots today with the first nine, wind off the right. Wind was batting the ball pretty good to the left. Then coming back the other way, instead of being downwind, it was cross, so you really had to control and not hit a fade. I hit a fade, so it was hard for me to get the ball in the fairway on the back nine but overall really happy with coming out and playing really well in the wind. Didn't really get to practice in it, so I'm really happy sitting where I sit right now after 36.

Q. You don't need to shoot too low to still be in contention here, 3-over is a good score at the moment. What do you need to do this week to keep improving?

ALENA SHARP: I think just taking my time a little bit. I'm going to do a little bit of putting, just get a little bit better feel on the greens. It's tough with the wind putting. Having 5- and 6-footers when the ball is oscillating is not easy all day so I just would like to be a little better at getting it closer to the pin than 30-, 40-footers, because you get a lot of those on these greens.

Q. On 18, what was going through your mind to finish tissue out like that?

ALENA SHARP: I made a mistake and hit it in the bunker off the tee and played smart and hit a good shot in and it didn't break. I hit a good putt. That's all you can do, just make a good stroke on each putt.

Q. You talked about it yesterday, but just playing with the Dame in this environment in her 40th appearance. You spent two days with her. What was that like?

ALENA SHARP: It's awesome playing with Laura. I've only played with her a few times but I was very happy to be playing with her here. She's still a great shot-maker. You can tell she's hitting different shots in the wind and doesn't let the wind take it. It's always fun watching a ball-striker play. She's very nice. We had a good group. We all hit it well and hung in there.

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