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August 20, 2020

Georgia Hall

Press Conference

Q. That round was challenging, wasn't it?

GEORGIA HALL: Very challenging. The wind is so strong, especially the front nine. Didn't start off that great but I was really proud of how I grinded out there.

Q. Heading out there without spectators, it's a whole new environment. I know you've obviously played last week. How different is it?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it's very different, especially on my home event. I'm so used to having friends and family there, and people I know. This is where I get my most support, which really kind of spurs me on. But I know there's loads of people watching at home and I've just got to focus on my golf.

Q. Is that tough to dig down deep inside to remind yourself of that, especially in the conditions?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it definitely feels like a major when you enter the venue and massive walls everywhere, and the R&A, so it definitely feels like a major to me. So it's just without all the crowds.

Q. Talking about the rounds, as you say, you had to dig deep. Where were the key moments, do you think?

GEORGIA HALL: I think on 7 where I got a birdie to go back to 2-over, that was very important. I made a good par on and 8 then I was actually pretty steady from then on. Got a couple more birdies. Just hit wrong club on the last. Hit a good shot but wrong club and left myself a 30 yard put. Not too disappointed in that; I hit a good shot.

I think the key hole was on 7 to get my round going.

Q. It's one of those days where if you are just a nudge over par, you're still really, really in the mix. You've had a good day, haven't you?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm not sure what the scores are. I think the leaders are 1-under now. Yeah, I think I'm only like two or three shots, which is ideal for me. This is about a mental battle, I think, this week, and I just have to, once I'm in it, that's what matters, and obviously tomorrow is supposed to be dreadful weather. So anything can happen. It's just kind of limiting.

Q. Do you think the setup has worked out really well taking the wind into account?

GEORGIA HALL: I think it's a good job that they have put those tees forward. Otherwise, that would have been so hard, like even harder than it was. So I think it would be bad if they had kept the tees the same, because even then it was hard enough. Some par 4s are playing really long, especially the first seven all into the wind, so you have 3-, 4-irons going into very narrow greens.

Q. So seems like they have done a really good job today?

GEORGIA HALL: Definitely, and not cutting the greens. If they cut the greens, I think we would have been stopping a few times.

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