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August 20, 2020

Gemma Dryburgh

Press Conference

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, I played really solid today. Drove it really well and hit it solid, as well, so it was good.

Q. You braced for these conditions, but as tough as you played?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, especially going into the wind, it was a three- or four-club wind sometimes. It was hard to just what to hit and to trust it, as well. And coming back it was downwind and compared to last week, the greens were much softer, so it was quite hard to pitch it further up. So last week we were pitching it from the green and running it up. Yeah, learned from that today.

Q. Normally make the score on the first seven holes.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it's opposite. People told me going out is where you make your score, and when you come back you just kind of hold on, but it was kind of opposite today.

Kind of drove it well all day like I said, and been working on something small in my swing and kind of clicked today I think.

Q. You left on Sunday, was it one of those days that you had a bad day on Sunday?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: It was the second hole, I had bunker trouble. Took four to get out of the bunker because it went right up against the face and kept plugging into the sand. It's just a really tough start, and after that it was kind of an uphill battle.

But yeah it was a real shame to finish like that. I started off the week well, so I just took confidence from that.

Q. Your debut on this event, how does it feel on the first tee? No fans, but --

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, still nerve-wracking. You still want to get off to a good start. It would be nice to have the fans here but it was still good fun.

Q. Are you someone who can knuckle down in tough conditions? Is that something you've always been good at?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, I'd say. So I'm usually pretty good in tough conditions generally. Just keep plodding along and one shot at a time, as they say. Just got to stay patient.

Q. Same for tomorrow and the weekend?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Same again tomorrow. I think it's going to be even harder tomorrow. I think it's going to rain, so yeah, just stay patient again. And that will do the job.

Q. They announced yesterday the new locations for the Women's Open. Just your thoughts on some of those great locations that are found in Scotland that we'll be returning to the next couple years.

GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, four or five in Scotland. It will be good for Scotland to have that many women's golf events. Amazing venues. I saw Muirfield on there, I was like, wow, that's a step forward. So it will be really good to play there, amazing, and Carnoustie next year, as well. I played that in the British Am and it kicked my butt. I'd like to go back and time it, if you can do that at Carnoustie. Looks really good, and St Andrews. Looking forward to all the venues.

Q. Have you played St Andrews before?

GEMMA DRYBURGH: I have but not in a tournament. It was just with my dad. It would be nice to go back and play a big event there.

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