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August 18, 2020

Georgia Hall

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Have you been out on the course? How is it playing?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I played about 12 holes today, and there's literally no wind today or yesterday. So it was, yeah, very different. The course is really nice condition. I really enjoyed playing it, so it's nice to be here.

THE MODERATOR: So did you play a full 18 on Monday?

GEORGIA HALL: Yesterday, yeah, I played a full 18. So I played quite a bit of the course already. Yeah, I mean, greens are rolling very good. Definitely had to stay out of these bunkers. That's the key tip for me this week.

THE MODERATOR: Last week you said you played here ages and ages doing but you didn't remember. It does it comeback to you now.

GEORGIA HALL: I only remember kind of the Postage Stamp or one hole here or there. It's much better memories being back here now. I don't know, I always thought maybe it was, I don't know, a bit more scary than it is. I don't know. But it's a really nice course, actually. I really enjoy playing it.

THE MODERATOR: There's a bit of wind predicted for the next few days. How do you prepare for that when it's not windy at the moment.

GEORGIA HALL: It's hard to not have a practise round with wind but I've been punching a lot of shots on the range and hitting a knock-down driver and 3-iron. I've got the 3-iron out this week and I'll be using that.

THE MODERATOR: On the break from play, you played a couple of the Rose Ladies Series events and had great success. Did you play at the one at St. George's, so you've had some links practise; do you feel after the Ladies Scottish Open in good form about your game? How do you feel about your game going into the week.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, this is a proper, true links-tile golf course. Obviously I got good practise at Royal St. George's. Links golf is my favourite type of golf to play. I'm really excited for this week and obviously winning a couple years ago brings back great memories and I'm really excited to tee it up on Thursday.

THE MODERATOR: We are on with a lot of media who can't be here but the setup feels incredibly major. How does it feel being back at a major and especially one that you are a former champion of?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's always very special to see all the massive boards everywhere, and it definitely feels like a major. I think it's an amazing venue. The world's top players come here to compete, and yeah, I'm really excited to be playing a major, and especially the Women's Open.

THE MODERATOR: You're managing very well to say the new name.


THE MODERATOR: And the rebrand looks really nice. Are you enjoying seeing your posts all around.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's very nice, they put a picture. It's lovely. I think they have done a great job because it is the Women's Open, so I think they have made a great choice in that.

Q. I'm afraid the dreaded topic of slow play raised its ugly head last week at the Scottish. What were your experiences last week and what would you like to see to hopefully try and improve the situation?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it was fairly slow last week.

Q. That was very diplomatic.

GEORGIA HALL: But yeah, I mean, us as players, we can only play as fast as we can individually. Other than that, you know, obviously it's the officials kind of keeping up with timings and things like that. I'm not sure, maybe quite a few people got in trouble last week. Maybe that's why there's a lot of waiting. I think there was some reachable par 5s in two, so you always tend to wait a bit longer on them.

But yeah, I mean, we'll see what it's like this week. Obviously there's a lot of wind forecast, so I think that will make play slightly slower, understandably, for everyone, but hopefully shouldn't be too bad.

Q. Do you think the officials are concerned about dishing out penalties, especially in a final round when something like that could make the difference between sort of winning or losing? Do you think they are scared of becoming the story by doing something like that?

GEORGIA HALL: I personally don't think they should be. Personally I don't think it matters whether you're playing a final round or the first round, if someone is being extremely slow and holding up play, then, you know, I believe that they should get penalised, whether it's a warning; obviously that's what you get first off.

But yeah, I don't think it should matter whether it's the last round or not. If someone is being slow, I think they need to be kind of told to hurry up a little bit.

Q. Do you think there should be a change in policy in terms of slow play on the LPGA or just more penalties again given out?

GEORGIA HALL: No, I don't think there should be a change in policy. I understand that these are very big events we're playing in, and people need a little bit more extra time than others, and that's going to be understandable, as long as it doesn't get, you know, extremely slow, and it wasn't extremely slow last week. It was just slow in places.

There are, especially in links golf, very tricky holes where you're in thick rough, you need time to find the ball, etc. It's just kind of handling it and doing the best we can as players to keep within the time slots.

Q. When you won, the atmosphere was so fantastic on the grounds. Obviously it won't be like that this time. Do you think that will impact you at all in your game? Do you feed off the crowd?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think I definitely do feed off the crowd. This is the event where most people watch me personally because I'm kind of one of the home players, and I have friends and family come here to watch. So I think this tournament does feel a little bit strange for me just because I would get the most people watching out of all other events. It's still my favourite event of the year, and I know that they will be watching back at home.

Q. I guess your dad isn't on the bag this week, probably for the first time at a British Open -- sorry, at an Open with you. How do you feel about that, and have you had a conversation with him? How did it go?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, he's actually not caddied in two other British Opens before. I've actually played in a lot, since I was like 16 or something, so yeah, he missed I think two others.

Obviously I would love for him to be caddying this week but it's very hard due to the COVID protocols and all the rules in place. It would have been a lot more hassle. So he completely understands that it's a lot easier for me, as well to, have Harry caddying. This is Harry's first Women's Open and it's great for him to be on the bag. I love him being on the bag, and down the line when things can hopefully get back to normal, my dad will be back caddying at the Women's Open and one or two here or there like he normally does.

Q. Is it harder to be a former winner, and do you feel more pressure?

GEORGIA HALL: It's much nicer. I enjoy it a lot more. It's lovely coming to an event knowing that you've won it and done the job in a Women's Open, my home kind of event. I look forward to this more than any other throughout the year, and it's easy for me to get here, I don't have to get on a plane.

I don't really feel nervous -- I might do on the first tee a little bit, but more I can't wait to just enjoy it and play to play the best I can.

THE MODERATOR: Last year you really felt this tournament was where your season turned around because you felt so comfortable as soon as you got back. It nice coming back to a links course.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, because Woburn was not really a -- obviously wasn't a links course, but it is very different. It's a very American golf course and in a way I didn't feel like I was defending, even though I was. But yeah, this is kind of the first links golf course back. So I'm really excited. Like I said before, I love links golf. I only bring the 3-iron out once a year, and this is the week. I really enjoy hitting a 3-iron, so I can't wait.

Q. Dame Laura Davies is going to hit the first shot in her 40th appearance on Thursday. What has she meant to you and what is the significance of having Laura hit the first shot?

GEORGIA HALL: She's a great friend and person and idol to look up to. I actually texted her last night saying, oh, look at you hitting the first tee shot; don't hold us up.

No, she's great fun and obviously she still loves playing the game. It's amazing. I kind of pulled up to the car park and you have your like 2018 champion, so I have my space and I look down and it's Laura, 1986 and I had a joke with her that I was born ten years later than that, and she found that funny.

She's a really lovely person, and I love kind of being on Tour with her.

Q. How do you adjust for the wind in your swing, not just club choice?

GEORGIA HALL: It's very important in the wind to not try and hit the ball harder because it is so windy, it's easy to actually do that, but it's just trying to keep the ball as low as possible and maybe I would shorten my swing a bit so it's long so the wind can't move it around.

Q. Going back to this bubble you have to live in, it must be pretty frustrating. How are you coping? Do you find it boring and what have you been getting up to?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, the thing that I have had to get used to the most, really, is remembering my mask because everywhere you go you have to wear it inside. Yeah, being in the bubble is something probably I would have to get used to. Can't leave your hotel room really at all apart from when you eat. I mean, it's much better.

We just want to play golf at the end of the day, so if that's what we have to do, I just get on with it and take the positives from it. The tournament is very well run here. The protocols are great and everyone knows to social distance. I think everyone is doing a great job to follow those rules. What I've been doing is just walk watching a couple of Netflix series in the evening to pass the time.

Q. What are they?

GEORGIA HALL: I have been watching, I think it's The Fall, Irish series, really good. I've been watching The Crown, actually. I'm on the third series. I absolutely love that. It's one of the best series I've watched. It's about obviously, you know, the queen and everything. So that's good fun.

Q. The weather forecast looks horrendous, Friday in particular looks pretty bad. How much does it come down to keeping a positive attitude when you're playing in possibly conditions like that?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I've heard it's going to be extremely windy, and around here, I think it's a fairly long golf course as it is so I think it's going to play extremely tough. It will be interesting to see what the scores will be and what will be leading. But yeah, I think it's very -- in that wind you're bound to come into a bad lie or bunkers. I think it's important to stay positive and keep it one shot at a time and not think about the holes ahead and just do the best with what you have in front of you.

Q. What's your plan of attack for The Postage Stamp?

GEORGIA HALL: That's where the pin is, just go for middle of the green; that's whether the pin is left or right front or back because you don't want to miss the green in any spot. And it's so short, it actually makes it a lot harder because you're going in with a more lofted club. If it's windy and the higher you hit it, the more the wind will affect it. So ideally just hit a little half-shot in there middle of the green and two-putt and get out with your par.

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