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August 16, 2020

Jennifer Song

North Berwick, Scotland, UK

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. It's after the final round. How are you feeling as you come off today?

JENNIFER SONG: I'm definitely disappointed but overall I'm very happy where I was standing the whole week. I knew I had the game and I was definitely in contention for -- I mean, 3 1/2 rounds, but I'm very confident about going into next week, and I think I'm only seeing the positives rather than the negative.

Q. When you got off to the hot start with the birdies there, in the front nine, were you looking at the leaderboards at all or were you just focused on your own game?

JENNIFER SONG: No, I was not really looking at the leaderboard. I was just telling myself to play my own game and stick to the same game plan, being patient, and I was just trying to, I wasn't forcing anything out there but just timing was a little off going into the back nine, and a little gusty and I think that's just golf. Even though you might think that everything is synced up on the front nine, something else might happen on the back nine. I'm not thinking too hard about my round, but definitely I'm just taking the positives.

Q. The positive was that you definitely were in contention for some of the back nine. Would you say the wind or weather had anything to do with it?

JENNIFER SONG: It was pretty much the same wind and weather that I've been going through for the last three rounds. Just, I don't know, there's no explanation. I think that's just golf. So it's just what it is.

Q. And what is there to work on as we get ready for the first major around the corner there?

JENNIFER SONG: I just need to work on short game around the greens. I thought I was -- I got used to the whole terrain and firmness around the greens, but I think if I just kind of get that a little sharp, I think I'll be ready for next week.

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