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August 15, 2020

Jennifer Song

North Berwick, Scotland, UK

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice way to close out the round. Tell me about your round today then.

JENNIFER SONG: So I had a little bit of rocky start. Started the front nine plus one. I just wasn't hitting the ball and I was not in proximity of the pin to look at the hole for birdie.

Going into the back nine, tried to clear my head and play the same game I've been playing the last two days.

Q. You're going to be playing in the same group tomorrow as you were today. You're still 1, 2, 3 on the leaderboard does. That give you any comfort being out there with the leaders and you know what to expect tomorrow?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I'm really happy to be where I am. I like chasing from the back. I'm going to go out there and play some great golf tomorrow.

Q. Why do you like chasing?

JENNIFER SONG: Because I think I just -- I'm a competitor, and I feel like I play my game better chasing from behind. Just give them the pressure and I'll just play my own game.

Q. How does the course here suit your game? What are your thoughts on links golf?

JENNIFER SONG: I really love playing in Scotland, especially a links golf, because you don't get to just play one shot. I like being creative out here and just imagine a bunch of shots. I could really use the whole terrain to play some great golf. So I think that's why I love -- I really enjoy being out here.

Q. Do you like the challenge that it gives you?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, it seems like over the last couple years, I noticed any statistics were better on tougher golf course, so I guess I'm just triggered that way. I love challenge golf courses. My mind just runs better.

Q. Two strokes back, what's the mind-set heading into tomorrow?

JENNIFER SONG: It's going to be the same thing. I think patience is a big key in the final round, knowing when to be aggressive and knowing when to be conservative is the right play out here. I've been doing the right thing the last three rounds, so I think as long as I do the same thing and just keep being myself and be confident out there, I think I'm going to play some great golf.

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