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August 14, 2020

Jennifer Song

North Berwick, Scotland, UK

The Renaissance Club

Press Conference

Q. One off the lead. How are you feeling after the second round.

JENNIFER SONG: I'm very happy where I'm sitting going into the weekend, and I'm really excited to play the third and fourth round.

Q. This is one of those courses where I guess this year you really don't have to shoot that low to keep in contention. How important is it to you to keep the consistency that you've been having over these two days?

JENNIFER SONG: Like you said I think consistency is very important. Just trying to be patient out there. It can get gusty, and you just never know what's going to happen on a links course, so I'm just trying to take one shot at a time and trying to really be patient out there and when I have a chance for birdie, I'm trying to take advantage of that.

Q. How comfortable do you feel on links-style courses, or is it a challenge that you're just hoping to accept?

JENNIFER SONG: Actually, I'm really enjoying it because over the -- during the quarantine, I practised a lot of punch shots and trying to keep the ball low a little bit. It really suits my game, and I'm having a lot of fun out there right now.

Q. Having a lot of fun, despite some of the weather challenges here, too, you talked about the wind earlier but what does that do for your game and how do you prepare for that going into each round here in Scotland?

JENNIFER SONG: Well, it's very tough, so just being out there, it's very hard to judge how much I need to fly, because sometimes the wind -- the gust will get it to you. So I'm just trying to keep it low so that I don't have to really think about the wind. Yeah, the fairway and the greens are firm, so I think it's all about placing the ball in the right position, and I've been doing that pretty good over the last two days.

So I think if I just keep doing the same thing and just feel comfortable out there, I think I'm going to shoot some good scores.

Q. Scotland is definitely different than what we've been experiencing in America these last two weeks in Toledo. Since coming over here, what has it been like for you adjusting to links golf and the different protocols?

JENNIFER SONG: It's been very interesting, but the protocol's been very good. We are all safe and I think the big difference is the weather. I'm not really -- I'm not a big fan of chilly weather, but a lot of nice clothes by PXG apparel, so I think I'm ready.

Q. What does that do to you when you have to deal with chilly weather instead of warmer weather? Are you in a different mind-set or does that affect your play at all?

JENNIFER SONG: Well, most importantly, I try to keep my body warm, and I think when it's cold, I tend to get dehydrated a lot, so I drink a lot of water. Just keep myself moving to I don't get all rigid. So I think it's been good.

Q. How confident are you going into the weekend here after coming off two consistent rounds to be near the top of the leaderboard? What's some of the things you've been focusing on, not only here in Scotland but over the last two weeks of play?

JENNIFER SONG: I feel very comfortable and confident going into the weekend. I think my game is ready, and I put a lot of work during the quarantine. I think it's just about getting the pace right in my putting and whenever I have a birdie chance, just really take advantage of it and just be aggressive when I need to, but most importantly, I think I just need to stay patient during my third and fourth round.

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