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August 13, 2020

Jennifer Song

North Berwick, Scotland, UK

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Heard about this nice birdie putt on 18120 close the round off. How are you feeling now hopping off the course?

JENNIFER SONG: I'm kind of exhausted but I had a great time out there. I was kind of plodding my way the wrong way the first couple holes, but then going into the back nine, I made some nice birdies. So I'm very happy about the round today. Got a little gusty in the afternoon, so it was very tricky.

Q. Your caddie said as soon as the clouds came up when you made the turn, the wind picked up a bit, but you were scoring a bunch of birdies on the back nine. What made you feel so comfortable?

JENNIFER SONG: I was just trying to keep good rhythm out there. I wasn't trying to be really aggressive and I was just trying to put myself in the right side, and when I got on the green and had some look -- when I had good chances for birdie, I made good use of it.

Q. You had a Top-25 finish last week. You've been coming on to your game I feel like in preparation for this week. So what was it like making the journey over here to Scotland and what are you taking away from the last two weeks in Toledo?

JENNIFER SONG: The first week when I played in Ohio, my game was a little rusty. I was not used to tournament condition like under pressure, and second week, I definitely felt a little more comfortable and I knew when I finished my last round in Toledo, I shot 4-under and that was a great way to finish, and I felt great coming into Scotland. I'm glad that I was able to make that good transition coming here.

Q. I believe this is your first time at this tournament; am I correct? How excited or how eager were you to take on a different side of golf like links golf?

JENNIFER SONG: I've always loved playing the links golf, and it's very challenging out here, so I just practised a lot of punch shots, trying to keep the ball low, flighting it, and I think that's helped me immensely out there.

Q. You said earlier that you're a little bit tired. We had to do our fog delay this morning, something that we don't usually get when we are playing in places like the United States. So what does that do to you mentally? How do you reset after going through changes like that to be able to put together a round like you did?

JENNIFER SONG: Well, usually I'm very positive most of the time. So when we had the delay, I was like, oh, I'll just have a good two-hour rest and I'll just restart back up. It wasn't a problem at all for me.

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