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August 7, 2020

Lizette Salas

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. So Lizette, how do you feel about your 7-under today?

LIZETTE SALAS: You know, as good as it looks, and it feels good to shoot -- I left a couple putts out there. But to bounce back from a really frustrating round yesterday, I feel really good. I feel relieved that I get to play the weekend.

Just shows that I can bounce back from a not-so-great round. Yesterday I was hitting balls and I just knew I was close to putting it all together.

I went back to the basics and really started visualizing better on the putting green. I went back to conventional grip. Went left-hand low yesterday, and that didn't seem to work. So I made some few changes and I stayed positive.

I feel like since it was morning I felt like I could make a big move or make some kind of move, and I think that's what I did today.

Q. And then moving forward into tomorrow, what's your mindset like with your confidence?

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, just keep this momentum going. Not overthink things. You know, my game is there and that I'm able to still score and to post low numbers I think just gives me that push to keep -- to just keep competing and move up that leaderboard.

Q. I notice that you have the cutest nephews. Are they sending you words of love from home?

LIZETTE SALAS: You know what, they are. I have six nieces and nephews, and they range from 20 to 3. Yeah, they send me voice messages and they're sad that I'm gone, but they know their nina is working, so they're sending me some love from home.

Q. Last question; promise.


Q. Going into tomorrow, what are you going to do tonight to relax and get your mind ready for tomorrow?

LIZETTE SALAS: For me, less is more, meaning not overthink things. Stick to what works. Stick to the game plan. Not try to be a hero and make miraculous shots. Just stick to the basics: Fairway, green.

Q. How about music, reading a book?

LIZETTE SALAS: Oh. I mean, new music is always in my hotel. I might do some laundry just to keep it light. It's a long stretch. I got three more weeks after this, and British Open and Scottish Open are going to be tough mentally and physically. Keep it light, fun, and just happy to be out again.

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