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August 6, 2020

Kennedy Swann

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Woodmont Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You jumped off to an early lead on the front; tell me a little bit about a few birdies you had maybe on 3 and 6.

KENNEDY SWANN: Yeah, so my caddie made a really good call on 3 having me hit a 4 hybrid instead of a 3-hybrid, just trying to play to that front pin, so I hit it to the front edge of the green, and she was struggling a little bit in the fairway, so I just -- my goal was to two-putt, and that was my goal all day today. I didn't want to try to have to make any putts that I didn't really need to make. So she had, I think, like a 20-footer for par and I was putting for eagle. Just two-putt and move on.

And then on 6, that was probably one of my best shots of the day. I hit a 6-iron in to 20 feet-ish, and that's a really tough pin today, to a little back right of the hole. It was one that kind of snuck in. I didn't really expect to make it, again was just trying to two-putt. So yeah, and then got a little bit unlucky with my drive on 7, but bounced back from that and was just two-putting all day.

Q. She kind of tried to dig into your lead but you answered really well. How were you able to close it out there at the end?

KENNEDY SWANN: My caddie did a really good job of keeping me calm and making some good calls. He was a lot more experienced than me, so he's kind of able to make those calls that maybe I would miss, and so I just took a lot of deep breaths, really just focused on making pars and make her have to beat me.

Q. You got to play the course a few times now heading into today's round. Did you make any adjustments today?

KENNEDY SWANN: Yeah, so I actually hit driver on 15 today. I've been hitting 3-wood just because that tee shot is a little funky for me. Both days in the practice round I went in the bunkers on the right, so I hit 3-wood the first two rounds, but obviously in match play you have a little bit more flexibility, so I pulled driver today and I was able to just lay up with a 6-iron and have 90 yards in instead of yesterday I had 170 yards in, so it plays a little bit different.

Then I pulled driver on 12 again today and hit the shot of my life out of the trees, so I probably should have taken a 3-wood on 12, but overall I think it was really solid.

Q. How does it feel to be advancing to the round of 32 and what's the mindset heading into tomorrow?

KENNEDY SWANN: I'm overall just really excited. My goal for the tournament was just to make it to match play and then really anything can happen. Again, just two-putt every hole, don't really give any shots or make any stupid mistakes. If they're going to beat you, they're going to beat you. She birdied 12 and 13 and there's nothing you can really do when she makes birdies and you make pars. But eventually they'll get tired of having to make birdies to beat you.

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