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July 7, 2005

Dean Wilson


Q. Nice par saving putt there.

DEAN WILSON: Yeah, I was leaking a little oil coming in and didn't hit some good shots on the last few holes and luckily saved par there.

Q. Talk about your round up to those last couple of holes. Looked like you had it going for a while?

DEAN WILSON: Yeah, I played great, whatever it was, the first 12, 13 holes. Then hit a couple of loose drives, but up until then it was easy. Putts were rolling in and I was hitting some nice shots.

Q. What do you think about the golf course here and how it's playing?

DEAN WILSON: I like the golf course here. There's a lot of good holes on it that make you shape shots different ways and makes decision making really good. Sometimes you can't hit a driver off the tee and you have to choose your spots.

I prefer that golf rather than just getting up and pounding driver everywhere.

Q. If I could, being from Hawaii, when were you first aware of Michelle Wie? You may have known her before most people did.

DEAN WILSON: Just when everyone else heard about her because I've been living on the mainland, Vegas, for about the last five years. I think I knew about her when she was 12, so just a few years ago.

Q. Having an up close and front row seat for the Annika thing, are you surprised what this is? Does it compare at all or is it different because it's a smaller tournament?

DEAN WILSON: Yeah, I'm not in that group so I can't tell, but I heard there's a big gallery following her. Obviously at Colonial there was a big crowd following our group, so that was a little different perspective than playing opposite times, opposite hole, I think. As far away from her as I can be is where I'm starting.

Q. They were asking the guys that played with her about what they talked about, and they said some of their biggest conversations were movies. Do you remember your conversations with Annika? Were you talking golf with her or did you talk movies or other things?

DEAN WILSON: I can't really remember. I think I just I don't really remember, probably just small talk about the size of the galleries and the course and nothing real special that I can remember.

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