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October 9, 2004

David Howell


DAVID HOWELL: I have been playing really well. Last week was a big week for me, third in a world championship event and up there again this week with a chance to win. I'm delighted and looking forward to tomorrow.

It was cold and took a long time to get around. I didn't cope that well. It was very hard to get into any rhythm. I really struggled today. I am pleased with one under with the way I played but I would have liked to have felt more comfortable.

I am hitting the ball well, but today I made a couple of mental errors. Bit of indecision early on so it was a bad day mentally for me today and added to that I didn't hit it quite as well as I have been. In general though I am hitting a lot more good shots than I have been and making fewer mistakes.

Q. Thoughts on tomorrow?

I haven't won in a few years, and Luke is on a great run having won twice this year. He is going to be tough to chase but I have always done well at St Andrews and fancy my chances of playing well. If I do that I will have half a chance.

It's good to see three young Englishmen at the top. Maybe it is something to do with the Ryder Cup or maybe we are just good players. Who knows. Luke is going to be tough to beat but at St Andrews you can really get going and it is going to be a shootout. I see Ernie is up there and Stephen Gallacher so there is going to be more than just me, Luke and Poults and I'll have to shoot low tomorrow to have a chance. But the saga continues for this tournament. I love it.

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