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August 1, 2020

Sarah Schmelzel

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Sarah Schmelzel with one of the low rounds of the day. How did you attack the golf course this morning knowing that the rain was impending?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I think just stayed as patient as I possibly could be. This is such is difficult golf course, and you got to take what it gives you really.

I mean, you're going to hit bad shots. You got to expect to make some bogeys out here. So just tried to take it one at time, attack hole locations that I could and stay away are to the ones that I couldn't, and it just ended up working out at the end of the day.

Q. When you hit your first competitive shot yesterday, what did you learn and away and improve on going into today?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I think the course played so different yesterday from the practice rounds. It just got really firm and fast, and I think that's where I took that mentality of just one shot at a time. You don't know what's going to happen out here. It's a tough golf course.

So I think that really helped going into today and staying patient.

Q. Your caddie said that you have think in the rain. Are you one of those that enjoys the challenge of the weather, or would you rather it be completely dry?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: No, definitely. When we were on way over here we were talking about how much we loved a day like this. It's fun to -- you almost throw the technique out of window and you're just trying to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.

So I loved it. I love days like this, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Two competitive rounds in the bag. It's been six months since we've seen you at a tournament. What have you been up to over the quarantine and the last couple months?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Oh, relaxing, as I think all of us have been. I think in terms golf, getting back to some of the fundamentals, some of the easy stuff. Trying to have fun with it and love the game again.

I think of that the biggest thing took away from quarantine, was just learning how it enjoy it and love being out here again.

Q. So I'm guessing you put down the clubs for a little bit, or are you one of those people that wanted to play straight through?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I would say I played almost straight through, but my definition of play is going out for four or five holes with my dad and my dog ever night, just hoping on the golf course in workout clothes and doing that to stay a little fresh.

But it was never anything too serious. It was always fun and back to what I did growing up, which is really enjoyable for me.

Q. With that, when did it change into more of a competitive focus, and were you working with anyone leading up to this event?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, so I didn't see my coach until probably a month before it started just trying to stay safe with the quarantine and everything and trying to keep everyone manage my family healthy and all that.

It was probably the month before that I really tried to dial some things in.

Q. Now, did you see your coach in person or was this more virtual?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: No, this was in person. He lives in Phoenix also, so I was able to see him socially distant and get a couple lessons in before everything started again. Before that, it was just my dad and my dog and myself, so it was good.

Q. What's your coach's name?


Q. And we've got two rounds, like I just said, but one more to go tomorrow. Is it satisfying after the way you played today that you've got yourself in contentions?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, definitely. That's the goal every week, and it's awesome to see some of the work that you put in over the quarantine come out, show itself this week.

I'm just looking forward to tomorrow, being in a new position, and seeing what happens.

Q. This comes from Kay Cochran.


Q. She wanted me to ask you this. She remembers you saying you used to be a competitive gymnast; she did as well.


Q. And wanted to know your background on that and when you made the switchover from gymnastics to golf.

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Okay. So I would say I think my parents just threw me into gymnastics because it probably the easiest way for them to get me to burn energy at the end of the day.

I loved it. I thought it was so fun and challenging and unique. My brother is six years older than me and he was always playing tournaments, summer golf. One summer my dad took me out along with them, and I was playing in tournaments in the 10 and under division, and just absolutely fell in love with it in probably the six events I played in that summer.

From then on it was just never the same. I absolutely loved how every day is different on the golf course and just the challenge that it brings, so....

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