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August 1, 2020

Yui Kuwamoto

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Very good 1-under round today. Looked very solid for you. How do you feel after you played your second round today?

YUI KAWAMOTO: To be honest, I wasn't striking the ball really good today. I had a really good conversation with my caddie, and he gave me a lot of good advice that really helped my game today.

So very happy with what I did today.

Q. You have a well-known caddie in Colin Cann. How did you meet Colin, and how does he help you on the golf course?

YUI KAWAMOTO: We both motor through Paula's manager, and he's a super caddie. He tells me what I need to do; he gives me a lot of options, which makes me really comfortable, and that really made a change in my game.

Q. After playing the first couple events you went home to Japan. What was it like during the pandemic, and then when you chose to come back here, what are your thoughts about coming back to the States?

YUI KAWAMOTO: Yes, it's disappointing that I wasn't able to play after the first couple games. Back in Japan I've been working on my swing, also course management. There is a lot of different types of courses out here.

So I learned a lot of stuff during at that time.

Q. One last question: You seem to be doing well here at Inverness. Toward the top the leaderboard going into Sunday. How do you prepare for the final round and being in contention?

YUI KAWAMOTO: You know, I'm just simply very thankful and happy that I'm able to play out here again, so I'll do the same thing: focus on my game and I'll be ready for tomorrow.

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