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July 31, 2020

Yui Kawamoto

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

(Through translation.)

Q. Here with Yui Kawamoto. Yui, first time back after a couple months. What has that been like for you to experience your first round for the first time in a while?

YUI KAWAMOTO: I been waiting for this moment, so I'm very happy to be back here.

Very happy.

Q. What have you been doing over the past couple months during the tour's break?

YUI KAWAMOTO: So it's definitely different from the Japanese course here, so I been trying to work -- I been working on a swing that can you adjust to courses like this.

And also management as well, course management. I been working on stuff like that.

Q. Have you done anything fun in the last couple months maybe aside from golf?

YUI KAWAMOTO: Yes. I went to a hot spring, something I like.

Q. Where was the hot spring?

YUI KAWAMOTO: Shizuka, (indiscernible).

Q. Oh. Did you go back to Japan or was that here in America?

YUI KAWAMOTO: Two weeks ago.

Q. Oh, okay, okay. So when you came back here, when did you start preparing for golf again, or did you play over in Japan?

YUI KAWAMOTO: I came back here two weeks ago.

Q. Okay. So you've been in Japan?


Q. Okay. Nice. How was your first day here? What do you think you need to improve upon tomorrow?

YUI KAWAMOTO: Definitely I have a great caddie right now, so to get a better communication with him, that's one of the factors that I will -- I'm going to need.

And also to play happy. That's also a good factor that I'm going to need.

Q. I loved your YouTube cover of Fight Song.

YUI KAWAMOTO: Oh, Fight Song. Oh, really? Yeah. Thank you.

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