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July 31, 2020

Amy Olson

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. As you just said, it has been a long time since we've been out here. What was it like to be back at an LPGA Tour event?

AMY OLSON: Oh, it feels so good. Everybody was asking me like is it going to be weird playing without fans? I was like, It's just going to be weird to play, I think, and actually have to putt out.

But it's really nice. It's like riding a bike. You kind of I guess fall back into the rhythm it seems like. But it was nice to have a beautiful day to start and not be dealing with winds or rain or something like that.

So that helped a lot.

Q. We've heard from a bunch of people that this is a challenging course for some. How do you feel that you fared today?

AMY OLSON: It is a really difficult golf course. I hit a lot of fairways, and even when I missed fairways, I missed in pretty good spots.

But, yeah, you got to keep it in the fairway off the tee. And then some the pin positions were tricky. So I putted really well. I struck the ball well. I was very pleased with how I played today.

Q. What have you been up to in the last couple months that has prepared you for coming out strong like this?

AMY OLSON: Well, I definitely have worked on my game quite a bit in the last month. Honestly, mostly pickleball. I've played a lot pickleball in the last few months. There was a certain point I had to tell people like don't text me, because I'll never get to the golf course if I start on the pickleball course.

Q. Oh, my gosh.

AMY OLSON: It's an addiction. But a lot of that, and then we spent a lot of time at the lake this summer. Honestly, it was pretty relaxing. You know, I know it's been a tough time for a lot of people, but we just tried to take advantage of the things that we don't get to do very often, which for my husband as I is be together.

Q. There aren't any leaderboards out here.


Q. On Sunday would you look at your phone to see what...

AMY OLSON: I think so. There are a few tee shots where you can definitely choose to be more aggressive if you need to. So there are some decisions that you could alter depending on the position you're in and if you need to make a move.

But I told Taneka today, because we were talking about it, I just feel so weird taking out my phone because we are not generally allowed to. It's like I'm always terrified of getting a penalty or something.

But I think I would.

Q. Did you check today?

AMY OLSON: No, I didn't check today. Yeah.

Q. How does that work if your text messages are coming through? That could be a distraction.

AMY OLSON: Yeah, I don't know. You have to turn the banners off so they don't like pop down. Just go into the app and open up.

Q. So you'll be mic'd up tomorrow.


Q. How much will you talk, do you think?

AMY OLSON: Good question. We always -- Taneka and I always joke, because we don't say a whole lot on the golf course, and what we do is not usually politically correct. So might be a really quiet day.

No, but we'll have fun. It's a great group. Like I really enjoy playing with Angela and Madeline, so there will be conversation for sure. I'm not the most verbal person out there, that's for sure.

Q. Like in general you don't talk a whole lot.


Q. I don't think Angela does either when she plays.

AMY OLSON: Not a ton.

Q. Yeah.

AMY OLSON: (Second recording in progress.) Fargo with Josh Duhamel and a PGA TOUR player and an NHL player. They mic'd us up and it was like a huge thing with like a big pom-pom mic. So I'm like if I did that, I can think I can do this.

I'm not -- I don't think Taneka and I have ever really said anything that couldn't be on TV, so I don't worry about that really. If it's super boring they just won't show it. That's all it is.

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