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July 31, 2020

Minjee Lee

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Minjee Lee. Bogey-free day. What are your thoughts of Inverness after your first shot here on Friday?

MINJEE LEE: Well, when I played the practice rounds I really enjoyed it. I think it's such a treat for us to be at such a historical place. The course is in such great condition, and I think we're really lucky to be here.

Yeah, I was really looking forward to the tournament.

Q. We have been off for quite sometime since we last saw you in Australia. What have you been up to during the quarantine?

MINJEE LEE: Well, I took quite a lot of time off. Like I just didn't touch a club. It was like a second -- well, maybe a third off-season. So, yeah, I just went to the beach, saw my friends when I could.

Yeah, I guess just read, and just a lot of down time.

Q. What was it like for you when this event came to fruition? Were you excited to get back on tour?

MINJEE LEE: Yeah, definitely. I was definitely pretty excited to start playing up again.

And, yeah, I mean, because I had so much time off I was like, how do I play a tournament again? It was just like so weird when I got here. So I know it's a little bit different, but to play back in tournament mode is really nice.

Q. I was going to say, there are definitely differences. Did you prepare any differently knowing there would be different protocols coming into today?

MINJEE LEE: Well, I sort of mentally, I was like, Oh, there is going be temperature checks and got to wear a mask and stuff. Things like that I think I was already like prepped for.

No, I felt like because we didn't have crowds it was a little more quieter, but other than that, it was -- we play our own game and we still have to play golf.


Q. All right. When did you get to the U.S.?

MINJEE LEE: Couple -- it's been a couple weeks. I was in Dallas in my house for just over two weeks and then I came here.

Q. Did you read any good books?

MINJEE LEE: Well, it's hard to say it on camera because it was like -- it's got a bad word in it -- but that book was pretty good. I mean, it's just like an acquired taste I think just because it's a little bit about opinion about their life and stuff.

But, yeah, no, I got a couple books that I'm reading now. Yeah.

Q. What was the easiest thing to come back and was there any (indiscernible)?

MINJEE LEE: Well, I think I was pretty comfortable because I played with Lyd today and I've known her for a long time. Yeah, it was just like playing a round, I guess.

But, no, I don't think it was as hard as I thought it would be competitively. Yeah.

Q. What did you think of the, I don't know, pin positions, just the way the course was set up today? Seemed a little more accessible today maybe than it could be.

MINJEE LEE: I mean, I think you can do anything here. You can make it really, really hard or you can make it, I mean, just like smart.

I think today it was a mix of like you could really be pretty aggressive, and I think the greens were not as like bouncy yet because it's not the afternoon.

So I think you could be a little bit more aggressive than maybe the afternoon, but I think there was a good mix of pins. So, yeah.

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