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July 18, 2020

Kevin Na

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you talk about, does it feel like a major out there with the way the conditions are?

KEVIN NA: Yeah, I was just telling Kenny, my caddie, when we were out there, man, it's starting to feel like a major championship out here. The greens are getting purple. I mean, downwind to a front pin, you have no chance. Sometimes 30 feet was the best you could do, and you just made par and move on. Got to take advantage of some of the shorter holes where you've got wedges in.

Q. When you consider what we've played since the restart and maybe even before that, is this the toughest test we've seen this season?

KEVIN NA: Definitely. What I've played, this is definitely the hardest condition and the hardest course we're playing.

Q. Compared to when it normally plays, is it that dramatically different?

KEVIN NA: Well, I've seen it play very difficult where greens run 13, 14, and you get a little wind out here and it plays difficult, but right now there's rough, greens are firm, there's some breeze. It's not easy. I hit a shot on 16, the par-3, landed it eight, nine paces short of the hole. I was 50 feet past the hole. I mean, down off the right, I had no chance.

The other play was to be probably -- if you land it short, you'll probably be just below the hole about 25 feet. You can get lucky and catch one maybe a yard on and roll up by the pin somehow, but it's not easy.

Q. Does it feel like the USGA is setting this one up?

KEVIN NA: No, better than the USGA. (Laughter.)

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