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July 12, 2020

Gary Woodland

Dublin, Ohio

Q. With the way this is setting up, does it almost feel like you're in the middle of the round going into next week, or does it feel like a finish?

GARY WOODLAND: It almost kind of felt like a practice round to be honest with you. Especially with no fans out here, knowing we're playing here two weeks in a row, kind of feels like we're tuning up for next week. But on top of that you're playing the best players in the world. The golf course was phenomenal, it really was. Fairways were amazing. Greens obviously were a little slower than they typically are, so you had to do some adjustments on the greens with your typical reads and sight lines. But if you're going to play two weeks in a row, there's no better place to do it. This is one of my favorite stops of the year, and I'm glad we're here two weeks.

Q. How would you assess your game as the week went on?

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I scored better. That's as poorly as I've hit the golf ball in a long time. I've been fighting the golf swing really for a little bit now, so hopefully being here, I've got unbelievable practice facilities, I can get some stuff figured out the next couple days, but just shows I'm starting to become a complete player because the rest of my game, short game, putting was really good. Figure out the long swing, should be pretty good.

Q. How would you compare the way the course played now versus what you know it's going to be like next week?

GARY WOODLAND: It's definitely a little easier. It played a little tough late Friday and yesterday just with the wind just because of conditions, but the golf course is set up a little bit easier. The tees are up a little bit. Firmness of the greens are a little down; it's a little softer than normal, and the speed of the greens is a little slower. But I'm sure with the golf course closed tomorrow and weather is supposed to be perfect the next couple days, I'm sure the golf course will firm up and will be what we're used to seeing.

Q. I think you answered this question, but if you could pick any TOUR stop and play it in back-to-back weeks, what would it be?

GARY WOODLAND: This is hard to beat, especially with the facilities you've got here. Jack treats us so well. He knows what you get, and the golf course is set up so anybody can play that's long. The short guys have obviously had success out here. When you get greens this good, it's fun to be around. Like I said, I'm glad we're here two weeks.

Q. What are you going to do tomorrow?

GARY WOODLAND: I'll do a little bit of work in the afternoon, but I'm definitely going to sleep in and relax a little bit.

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