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July 12, 2020

MJ Daffue

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Probably not the round you were looking for on the last day, but how would you assess the day and the week overall?

MJ DAFFUE: Oh, man, obviously a great week. I think if you said 22nd before the week, I would have taken it. But just today, it was funny enough the best ball-striking I've had, but I had only four loose shots, and it cost me four shots, and that's exactly where I'm at. Four shots better puts me in the top 10. Just got unlucky, and like I said yesterday, especially this golf course, it will take but it will give, too. I hit a cart path on No. 6 and went out of bounds and it was just right of the bunker. A little bit unlucky there. Misses the cart path, I probably make par.

And then the two par-5s, 7 and then 11, I had 5-iron and 5-iron in, and I didn't capitalize. I think it was maybe a little bit of nerves I would say.

Q. I was going to say, you had a long day yesterday having to return early and finish and play again.

MJ DAFFUE: It's been a long tournament.

Q. Did that contribute to some of today's --

MJ DAFFUE: Yeah, I think I did a pretty good job of staying in the moment and focusing on the shot ahead, but you lose your vision or your focus for a split second, and you make a bad swing. It's not as much a bad shot, it's just I had four mis-hits, and that doesn't work. Yeah, a long tournament, especially if you count my 9-under par on Monday, I'm really 17-under.

Q. Just finally, the situation that you're in, do you feel extra pressure when you get the opportunity, just knowing that it's pretty limited?

MJ DAFFUE: Yeah, for sure, for sure. I mean, I think there's a lot of golfers, and especially if you give me more opportunities, I think I'll be able to somewhat get status. I've obviously said there's a few things that's kept me back, personal things, but yeah, definitely extra pressure. You know that if you -- like today if I shoot 5-under like Chase and end up in the top 5, things change quickly.

I'm just glad I got some FedExCup points and I'm creeping closer trying to get in that top 200. There's two more Mondays left, so hopefully I can get maybe some more invites if it's possible.

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