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July 9, 2020

Justin Thomas

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Justin, clean scorecard, 68. Are you satisfied with that number?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was a good score for how I feel like I played. I didn't play bad, but I definitely didn't play great by any means. Didn't drive it very well on the front nine, and 18 was kind of the first of a few holes, or at least a stretch of holes where I really hit it well off the tee, hit a good iron into the green, hit a couple good putts. I didn't hit a good putt on 1, but I just was playing more solidly and giving myself a chance on every hole, and that's something you can do out here. If you get it in the fairway, have a lot -- at least I have a lot of 7, 8, 9, wedge, and those are clubs I can score with, with after the rain and being soft as it is.

Q. You said this week that you've been kind of inconsistent on this golf course and you want to try to figure out why. Is that a strategy issue for you?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It's a good question. I still don't think we necessarily -- it's not like we figured it out this week, it was like, oh, this is why. At the end of the day, I was hitting it all over the planet the year that I missed the cut here, and that's what's about this place. If you hit it well, you're going to have some low rounds each day, but you can make just as many bogeys as you can birdies. But the holes that I did get out of play or hit it in the rough, I just understand that it's kind of like Riviera, you have to take the hole for what it is at that point. You have to try to make par. As soon as you start trying to make birdies on some of these holes from the rough, you're going to make bogeys and doubles, and keep making those they pile up pretty quickly.

Q. Did the golf course seem like it played differently than the Memorial would play?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Oh, absolutely.

Q. In what ways?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean, it's not too different in terms of firmness. The fairways are firmer than what I'm used to, but the greens were no firmer or softer. Monday and Tuesday they were very firm and I was -- we were all very excited about that, but you obviously can't do anything about weather, but the greens are quite a bit slower. They're still fast, but this place is known for one of the quickest greens we have all year. But I mean, this is prime grass growing conditions. You get a little rain and some sunshine and nice weather, they're going to keep growing.

Q. Did anything happen between 17 green and 18 tee?

JUSTIN THOMAS: No, I hit a good tee shot on 17, a good 3-wood. That was my first fairway. I hadn't hit a fairway yet. I hit a good drive on 11 but didn't catch the fairway. But I tried to shorten my swing a little bit on a few shots. That's something I get in a bad habit of, getting a little long, and especially when it gets this hot, the body gets moving so well, I can kind of get a little long. Tried to shorten it up and then just focused on hitting my numbers because as I said earlier talking to Beemer, it was so quiet you could almost kind of hear yourself think, and I'm over a shot and it's just you'd hear nothing but almost like white noise. Usually you kind of have that buzz and you kind of focus in on trying to hit your number, and I just had a hard time with that at the start.

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