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June 28, 2020

Will Gordon

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Will, you've kind of moved up the leaderboard by just sitting, standing right here.

Q. You have.
WILL GORDON: I love that.

Q. Brandon Todd just triple bogeyed the 12th.

Q. When you crunch numbers, are you even doing that in your head right now?

Q. FedEx --
WILL GORDON: No, I can't control all that stuff, so I'm just trying to play the best golf I can.

Q. You don't even -- I think a share of third is enough points maybe.
WILL GORDON: That would be awesome if it was. I mean, it's going to shake out one way at the end, and I can't control that.

Q. What were your emotions after you missed the little one at 17?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I mean, the left-to-righters is kind of what I've been working on all week, and I've done a really good job hitting those all week long. I putted the ball great this week. But I'm not going to make them all, and unfortunately that one the lag putt I hit wasn't very good and the wedge shot wasn't very good. That bogey was kind of started from the fairway. So I wasn't too upset, just tried to reset and play the 18th well.

Q. What happened to you on the 9th hole yesterday, did that change the way you played the hole today?
WILL GORDON: No, not necessarily, but I think that drive on 9 and the wedge shot I plugged in the bunker on 16 yesterday kind of -- you know, if I just take those two things out and I par those two holes where one is a drivable par-4 and one is a wedge on a tee, you take those two holes out, and I'm three shots better already.

Just realizing little stuff like that is just encouraging to know I can compete out here.

Q. Will, going from 62 to 71 yesterday, how did you kind of calm yourself down and get set again for today?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think, although I haven't played a lot out here, I've done that in college before, and I know how hard it is to back up a really good score. I know how to handle that, but I didn't handle it well yesterday. So I think when you don't handle something well, your mind refocuses, and I've got to do a little better job of backing up that score, but I did a really good job of bouncing back today.

Q. Did you have any sort of inclination of what you might need today to get some sort of status, special temporary membership or anything? Did you sort of have an idea of that?
WILL GORDON: I knew something in the top five would maybe have a chance, but I mean, like I said, I can't control it, and I'm just -- I knew the higher the better, so I was watching the leaderboard coming in, and I knew if I got up there T1, T2 by the end of 18 holes that I might finish in the top three, but we'll see what happens.

Q. You mentioned that you were partnered with Jon Rahm and him showing encouragement?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think on 16 we were just walking up and Jon was asking if I had Korn Ferry status and I told him kind of my situation really quickly, and he just was super encouraging. He didn't play great today, but I was really impressed with how kind and how supportive he was to me, and he just told me to birdie the last three and I wouldn't have anything to worry about.

Q. Had you ever met Phil?
WILL GORDON: I had never met Phil. I know Tim recruited me when he was -- his brother recruited me when he was at Arizona State, so we were joking about that a little bit on the first tee. I knew Tim pretty well, but yeah, they were also extremely encouraging.

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