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June 27, 2020

Bryson DeChambeau

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Bryson, we've been talking the last couple of days, you just said a minute ago you're on the cusp right now. What's missing do you think? What are you expecting and hoping for tomorrow that maybe puts you over the edge?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: My iron play wasn't as on as it should have been I felt like today, and the driving just was not on, as well. I've slowed down a little bit because I'm guiding it with the driver right now, not 100 percent confident with it, but I'm working hard to figure out what I had at Colonial and RBC. It's not bad, obviously; it's just not exactly where I want it where I can get up on the tee box and let it go and know it's going straight. If I can get that down by tomorrow and make some putts and have some good wedging around the greens, hopefully I can go low.

Q. Obviously we all know you for being so analytical. When things don't go right, we all get frustrated, and sometimes you wear it on your sleeve, you can kind of tell.
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, sometimes.

Q. I wonder where you are in that process right now because obviously you're right there again on a Sunday, as you've been the last couple weeks. Where are you in that? Sometimes I look at you and you're dumbfounded if something didn't go the way you expected it to go.
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, like today there was plenty of shots where I had these massive jumpers and I don't understand them one bit. We don't understand, they come out randomly, and those are things that kind of dumbfound me, and that's golf. If I could figure that out, I'd be that much closer to figuring out the game. That will never happen.

But what I have to do is imagine that I'm like the casino and just keep playing. Just keep playing and giving myself the best chance to win out here, and that's what I'm doing. I've been doing that for the past few weeks, and I hope to continue to do so.

Q. Even though you haven't won yet, where are you in terms of feeling the rewards of all the work you've put in?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I think I already am feeling the rewards of it. I'm plus 33 strokes gained off the tee since February 10th. That's pretty good. Iron play has been good, putting has been decent. Chipping around the greens is something I need to improve on. I don't feel like it's that bad, it just isn't great.

Q. Is winning the only thing that's left right now kind of from where you're at?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I'm not even worried about that. That's one of those things that when everything lines up and comes into play, that'll take care of itself.

Q. You were saying about that 4-iron on 15; do you still have times where you've got to convince yourself because of this new length that, okay, this is the right choice, because you've never had these situations?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, well, I think on the range we get all of our numbers with FlightScope and making sure that it's flying the right distance. So before the round I just trust those numbers and what I'm doing, and I just have normalized up to a higher level and swing speed.

I feel like all my motions are the same when I was swinging slower a year ago, so for me, it literally feels the same. It's pretty interesting, it just goes farther.

Q. When you see all these numbers and you know it's probably going to take going low tomorrow, does that thought process start right now or tomorrow or doesn't change at all?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Doesn't change at all. Again, I've had a chance to shoot 63 every single day out here and haven't done it. So I think that's in play tomorrow, and if I go out and birdie the first couple holes and give myself a chance on 3 and 4, it's watch out.

Q. You've used casino analogy. Are you the house or a specific table game?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I'm trying to be the house. I'm definitely trying to be the house.

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