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June 27, 2020

Brendon Todd

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. What is it about this place that has yielded these scores this week? Why do you think guys are attacking it as much as they are?
BRENDON TODD: It's probably the length and the fairways are generous and firm. The guys are able to drive the ball down there and hit a lot of wedges, and both par-5s are reachable, and there's a drivable par-4. There's just a lot of scoring holes and the greens are really, really good this year, so people are able to make a lot of putts.

Q. It's hard to ask for another 61 tomorrow, but is it going to require another low round given how this place has played and how many people are within striking distance?
BRENDON TODD: It very well could. That just depends on how the four or five guys behind me play. My job is going to be to go out there and get off to a good start and just try to make as many birdies as I can and see if I can't shoot another good round.

Q. How comfortable have you felt all year even before the shutdown and even now? How have you felt with your game?
BRENDON TODD: I've felt pretty good, especially as I've played weeks in a row. It seems like since the fall, whenever I get a two- or three-week stretch in a row, I tend to be playing better by the end of it. That's just something I'm using to my advantage now after missing two cuts; I'm peaking in the third week and hopefully I can get it done tomorrow.

Q. Brandon, the way guys are going to score, do you even bother looking at a leaderboard?
BRENDON TODD: Today I wasn't really too worried about it because I knew that it was a positioning day. It really was a moving day, so I was just trying to get as low as I could, and if anything just use the leaderboard as motivation.

Q. You're going to be playing with Dustin tomorrow, a guy whose career is a little different than yours.

Q. He seemingly has never had a problem out here. How different is it playing with him, very easy to play with?
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, he's easy to play with, nice guy, doesn't show too much emotion out there. So I think we're going to have a really good time and probably a really good battle. It seems like he's starting to play really well and make some putts and we're both kind of peaking this week at the same time, so hopefully we can both go low.

Q. Were you aware of what DJ was doing up ahead of you?
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it's hard to miss the leaderboards obviously, so his name was up there from a pretty early point. Again, I just use it as motivation to go out there and make some more birdies.

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