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June 26, 2020

Will Gordon

Cromwell, Connecticut

THE MODERATOR: Will Gordon, thank you for joining us. 8-under 62 in round 2 and currently 12-under, leading the tournament through 36 holes. That's an amazing score.

WILL GORDON: Thank you.

THE MODERATOR: Talk about your day and little bit and give us some perspective on your position.

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think after yesterday I was able to kind of fight out a good round and had some momentum going into today, and after seeing the scores yesterday morning I knew that it was going to be gettable this morning. Just tried to come into today with a really positive mindset and aggressive mindset and I was able to do that and execute early, which whenever I get that momentum early, I usually don't let it go, so I was pretty proud of myself and how I hung in there early.

THE MODERATOR: You're a big strong guy, hit it a long way. That's kind of been your game plan around this golf course?

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think off the tee it's been more about the angles into the green for me this week, and that's dictated kind of the club I've hit off the tee, and being more aggressive on some holes some days is the play, and today a great example was 7, I was able to hit 3-iron and have a really good angle into the green, didn't convert with a birdie, but it was kind of just plotting my way around the golf course.

Q. Just curious, where were you when the Mackenzie season was canceled, and what were your initial thoughts about what that would do for your year?
WILL GORDON: I was at home when the Mackenzie TOUR season got canceled, but for me this year, I had enough FedExCup points to get me in the Korn Ferry finals, so it was a bit of a bigger letdown when the Korn Ferry finals got canceled just because that kind of -- unless I get 125 this year, kind of pushes back my chances to get my PGA TOUR card as quick as possible.

My initial reaction was just kind of roll with the punches and take it in stride and try to make the most of any opportunity I do get.

Q. Can you tell me, we've had different guys sort of talking about how the wind was either down or started to swirl, started to move a little bit. Can you tell me about how the course conditions changed, especially on the greens? You putted really well today. How much did you notice the change in the green conditions from yesterday to today?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think just it's progressed as the week has gone on. I was here Monday, and it was really soft. You've just got to kind of continually adjust, especially into the green the ball is bouncing a lot more. As the greens get quicker and firmer, though, the wind starts to affect it a little bit, so you've got to be aware of that. But overall you've got to trust the compass and trust where you think the wind is and roll with it.

Q. You've got a two-stroke lead now heading into the clubhouse. Will you be a scoreboard watcher the rest of the day? What will you do until you play tomorrow?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think I was pretty aware of what was going on out there today and I knew if I got a couple on the way in, I might have a cushion. But I mean, half the field hasn't played this afternoon, so I'm not really worried about it. I'm just going to try to continue to play good golf and see what happens.

But like I said, half the field hasn't finished their round this afternoon, so there's a lot of golf left, so I could end up a couple different places.

Q. This tournament has had a history of giving exemptions to young guys, young players coming out, up-and-coming players. I'm just kind of curious what that meant to you when you got the exemption, and are you aware of kind of the history here and some of the guys that have gotten opportunities?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I mean, Nathan Grube and Andy Bessette have had a long history of giving young guys opportunities, and last summer when I was up in Canada there was guys down here my age getting starts, and they were able to take advantage last summer and I was really excited and thankful to have the opportunity this year and looking forward to taking advantage and felt confident.

Q. When did you get word initially that you were in?
WILL GORDON: I don't remember exactly. Maybe a couple weeks ago. But I was super -- I was supposed to play in three events that got canceled over COVID, so for those guys to take a chance on me and believe in me means the world.

Q. You do not have any Korn Ferry status, correct?

Q. So right now you're kind of at the mercy of exemptions and Mondaying in and whatnot?

Q. Could you just put into words what this week could mean to you if you can keep it going this weekend and how much you can change your entire existence, your path?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think, like I said, I was in Korn Ferry finals before they got pushed back a year, but yeah, the uncertainty of having kind of 18 months and being kind of at the mercy, like you said, of the Monday qualifiers and sponsor exemptions makes you really thankful for the opportunities you do have. But I mean, I can't force it and I can't try to -- if it was all up to me, I'd have my PGA TOUR card right now, but it's not. So I've just got to take it with stride and have fun and do it confidently.

Q. There were a couple other golfers today who withdrew because of COVID-19 when testing positive. If I can just get your reaction to what's been happening this week and what your philosophy is going forward in terms of keeping yourself safe and playing.
WILL GORDON: Right. I think I just got word a little bit that a couple more guys withdrew. I don't have any initial reaction to that. But I think the TOUR has done an awesome job of making us feel safe, and everybody is keeping distanced and washing their hands. I feel really good about the way the tournament is being handled.

Q. Yesterday you shot a very good round, obviously, also, as well, 66, and while I realize the difference between yesterday and today is four shots, how much better did you play today, and did you feel that sort of coming into the day, that it wasn't going to take maybe that much more from you to go from 66 down to 63, 62, something like that?
WILL GORDON: Right. Yeah, yesterday, honestly, I was tense out of the gate. I didn't hit it great. But my putter really saved me yesterday. Today I knew if I came out with a little bit better commitment and a more aggressive mentality that I could get the ball closer to the hole because the wind would lay down and I'd be a little bit more comfortable today. So I felt that if I came out here with a good mentality this morning that it was out there for the taking.

Q. Will, could you tell me your experience while you stayed and tuned up with Webb? Did you play some golf with Webb Simpson during this, and what that was like?
WILL GORDON: Yeah, Webb has been super nice to me and a big mentor. But we played a lot over COVID, and we were able to get some games together because everybody was home. Harold Varner came and played a couple times. So we had good groups. It was good to be around those guys and see Webb win last week, and it just furthers my belief in myself that I can hang with those guys when you're around these guys, and guys like Patton Kizzire have been super nice to me and taken me under their wing, it means a lot to me as a guy who's not out there all the time. So I think the more I'm around those guys I just get more confident.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Will. We appreciate you coming in.

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