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June 26, 2020

Bryson DeChambeau

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Bryson, you had a pretty good round. I know you had some frustrations out there, looked like you shaved the lip a couple times, but what you saw what Phil was doing out there, even though you're concentrating on your game, what did you think of what he had going? I think he was 7-under today.
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, I mean, Phil was making putts and holing shots out of the bunker on 4. I mean, he's playing unbelievable. So more power to him. He's doing a great job.

For me, I'm still trying to play like the casino. I played my worst golf the past couple days and I'm still up there. I'm just trying to play -- look, I might play worse tomorrow, might play better tomorrow. I have no idea. It's just one of those things where I don't feel like my "A" game is there, and I have putts lipping out on the edges left and right. It's unbelievable.

Q. When you are at that position, how encouraging is it that you have not come close to your "A" game and you're still right up there?

Q. What does that tell you?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: It means a lot. It means I've worked really hard in the off-season and I think shows some great potential. So I'm looking forward to the majors this year and what I can do to improve the driving even more and improve my iron play and chips around the greens. For some reason I just cannot get any control on the chips around the greens, but my wedging is fine. I haven't had an issue with that.

Q. How weird and frustrating was the 428-yard cart path drive and not being able to capitalize on that?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Again, it was one of those situations where if I'm up in the right rough on the slope, I bump it and run it up there, and instead, again somehow I dropped it and I caught a flier. I mean, I tried to hit a 35-yard shot and it came out 50 yards, and I'm like, what is going on. There's some things I've still got to work out and some stuff I clearly don't understand yet with the wedging.

Q. So it's a little bit more of you're anticipating one thing and getting another result?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, it's not me. I feel like I'm executing the shots I want to, it's just coming out weird, and so that's been the mystery my whole life with wedging. I don't know why. That's been the one thing, and the putting is just -- that's just a game that I feel like I'm making a great stroke, great speed, and the putts are lipping out. Seems like there's just a seal over the hole.

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