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June 26, 2020

Mackenzie Hughes

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Obviously after a 10-under par round yesterday, it's going to be tough to follow that up, but 2-under par in the afternoon. How would you assess your round and how you felt like you played out there?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: You know, it was kind of -- yeah, it felt a lot different than 60. Overall I was fairly pleased. I thought it played pretty tricky this afternoon. The wind was all over the place, kind of swirling, and yeah, just got really firm, so the golf ball was traveling a long way, and once it hit the ground it was rolling pretty far. Yeah, overall fairly pleased. I would have liked to have been a little bit tidier and didn't putt great from 10 to 15 feet. Didn't really make many of those today which I was making yesterday.

But all in all, pretty pleased.

Q. What do you feel like -- you said you maybe need to do a little tidying up. What do you need to tidy up going into the weekend?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: You know, when the wind was swirling on the back nine, I missed a couple greens with wedges, and you can't be doing that and trying to win a tournament. Maybe a little bit better there. Trust where the wind is and get a beat on that.

But yeah, for the most part, do a lot of the same things, but if I can just be a bit cleaner there, then I should have a good weekend.

Q. You're a winner on the PGA TOUR, maybe getting a little bit more confidence as your play kind of continues to improve these last few weeks as you come back. What do you draw on this weekend to try to hold trophy No. 2?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: You know, a lot of the same things I did to win trophy No. 1. I kept telling myself that week that there's no reason why I couldn't do it, and I was going against guys that were veterans of the TOUR, and it'll be the same this weekend with Phil and some other guys up there.

You know, I know I can do it, so I'll draw on that. I've done it before. Yeah, just have to stay patient and keep an eye on my rhythm, and from there I'll have a chance hopefully.

Q. You talked about putting on some muscle over the break. How can that help as the season gets along and even just this weekend as the days get longer here?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, I'm not sure anyone noticed but I gained at least 40 pounds of muscle, just kind of hiding under the shirt. No.

Yeah, for sure, it helps, and that was a great time, sort of a mini off-season to kind of reset the body and work on some things, so I was focused on developing a bit of speed and just making my body work a bit more efficiently. I used the time efficiently, and yeah, body feels good.

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