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June 25, 2020

Jon Rahm

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Jon, how would you assess your round out there today?
JON RAHM: I haven't thought about it, but what I can say is pretty uneventful 18 holes, which is a good thing, honestly. I only had a couple of like testing par putts on 4 and 8, and that's about it. Pretty solid round of golf. It took me a while to get started. Played 10 through 15 really good, had a lot of birdie putts, just didn't make them, and then had a birdie on 16 and everything started right. Happy with it, honestly. The last few weeks I seem to play nine good holes or nine holes that felt good, and then the second nine or the next nine was just not so good. Last week on the weekend especially I was 4- or 5-under through the front nine and then couldn't do anything better on the back nine, so I'm glad it was the opposite today and hopefully it's trending in the right direction.

Q. Did it get a little frustrating the first couple weeks when you had nine good holes and nine so-so holes?
JON RAHM: It happens. It's just rust, honestly. Didn't play golf for a while, and then it's very different to get a score done when you're back home with not much pressure and then coming to PGA TOUR golf courses, PGA TOUR setups where everything is just a little narrower, you need to play better, and that's just how it is. Especially in Arizona; we're at 100 degrees, drives are going forever, we're hitting wedges so far. Nothing goes off line because there's no air density, right, so golf was very different going from there to Colonial and then Hilton Head.

I was fully aware I was going to need an adjustment period. I would have been surprised if I didn't, and that's why I'm playing three in a row. That's why this is my third week in a row, and hopefully progressing in the right direction.

Q. You've seen the good progress you'd like to have seen as you now come into your third week?
JON RAHM: Yeah, yeah, so far, yeah. What was it, Colonial started okay, finished the round terribly the first round. Same thing at Hilton Head, but then I kind of got it going right, shot 4-under in the next day. I think I went 4, 5, 3. So good rounds. And then luckily I started good today and hopefully it only gets better.

Every part of the game is starting to get a little bit better, especially my iron game, which was horrifying in the first week, and this week it's got a little better each time, and just need to maybe tidy up a few details every once in a while, but again, if I can just play rounds like today where I was putting it in the fairway, putting it in the right spot on the green and giving myself chances. That's why I said uneventful. I didn't have to invent anything special.

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