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June 25, 2020

Tyler McCumber

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Tyler, just talk about the last 24 hours; where have you been kind of recently, and when did you find out that you were in the field?
TYLER McCUMBER: Yeah, I found out yesterday afternoon that sort of things working out a certain way would possibly get me in, and I think I got the confirmation about 3:00 on that, and the last flight out of Jacksonville was 5:30, so had to pack in about 25 minutes and head to the airport.

Q. You were somewhere else in the Appalachian Trail before that; is that correct?
TYLER McCUMBER: Yeah, I was trying to sort of spend some time when I was still socially distant from everyone but still able to enjoy a couple days off of golf, so I just drove up and went into the Pisgah Forest there near Asheville in Brevard and was just camping and biking around a little bit. Solo trip, given the circumstances, but I got back Tuesday, thinking that I had no chance of getting in to the tournament, and then got the call from the TOUR about the option of possibly getting up here.

Q. Considering all that, how did you feel you played today?
TYLER McCUMBER: Felt really good. My game felt really good. I've been working hard on it and sort of trending. Obviously getting back into some competition and competitive mode after some time off, little adjustments here and there, but it definitely clicked today, and I felt like this round was sort of coming. Getting off to a good start is always good.

Q. If you can kind of sum up how the last 24 hours have gone, how you feel?
TYLER McCUMBER: I'm going to take a good nap this afternoon, that's for sure. We got in late last night, and obviously just emotions, sort of an array of high, low, going from not being in to maybe in and then sort of that not knowing and then knowing and then scrambling to get to the airport. Fortunately at home I have a good support system and a lot of friends and family that were willing to help out and my brother-in-law McCarthy, he drove me to the airport last minute. I called him, I'm like, hey, man, I think I'm going to get into the tournament, can you find me a flight and maybe give me a ride to the airport and help me pack? He was superman for me.

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