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June 25, 2020

Shane Lowry

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Shane, obviously your practice round on Tuesday you were with Graeme. What was your mood yesterday? Was it a little bit alarming as things were unfolding yesterday for you?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, obviously it wasn't ideal. I found out on Tuesday evening about Kenny, Graeme's caddie, and I'd spent a little bit of time around Graeme, but Graeme hadn't seen him since last week. And then obviously we played a practice round with Brooks, Chase and Ricky Elliott, who was caddying for Brooks who obviously got it, as well, and he tested positive yesterday morning. Ricky called me himself. I couldn't really believe it. To be honest I thought he was messing with me because he kind of is like that sometimes. Then as the guys pulled out, I was sort of -- you know, I contacted the TOUR pretty quickly because I asked them what did they think I should do because I wanted to do the right thing. But I don't think I was within enough contact with Ricky over the course of the nine holes we played on Tuesday. We're just taking precautions. I'm not going near the clubhouse all week, I wear my mask into scoring, I'm not allowed in for lunch now. I'm kind of just being as cautious as I can. But like I said, I spoke to Jay yesterday evening here at the club, and he said that I'm good to play. So I'm here to play, and I think it's obviously disappointing that a few people have got it, but not that it's inevitable, but it's the world we're living in at the minute, and I think we kind of need to keep it to a minimum, and I think if anything a couple of people with it going to smoothly the first week or two, I think the first couple of weeks have been kind of a kick in the backside to all of us and to make sure that we do the right things when we're out there because even I'm guilty of it. I fist bumped the first couple of weeks, there's no doubt. I think like Ian Poulter, if anybody sees his Instagram account, he spoke a lot of sense yesterday, even he put up a video on his Instagram, and it's just kind of like we're out here, we obviously -- there was some rules and regulations at the start. They're obviously go going to change as the time goes on because we need to find out what the right things are to do. Yeah, I just kind of wish people would stop being so negative towards it.

I think we're very lucky to be back out playing. I've seen a lot of media coverage that is quite negative, and I don't like it. I think the PGA TOUR, Jay, everybody involved has done a great job, and I as a professional golfer are very happy to be back to work and to be providing some entertainment for some people at home.

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