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June 25, 2020

Keegan Bradley

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. I actually wanted to ask you a question about Phil. Coming up on another U.S. Open crack, the USGA just kind of changed the criteria a little bit so now it's top 70, so as of this moment he's in, and I know you've been close to him and he's done a lot for you. What's your thought about him giving it another go at Winged Foot and what do you remember wherever you were at that point?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I think any time Phil tees it up he's got a chance to win, especially in majors, just because of his pedigree and his short game and all that, and then you add in a place like Winged Foot where he's played well, I don't think there's going to be any fans, but if there are, the New York fans are always behind him.

And I think I wouldn't be surprised if Phil won multiple more majors to be honest because he's a historic player that if he gets near the lead, he's going to be tough to beat.

Q. Can you imagine doing what he's doing at 50?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, no. I hopefully might be sitting on my couch at 50. But I really admire a lot about Phil, but I admire his love of the game and just after all these years and all these wins, the effort and really how badly he wants to win and play well, it's an inspiration to all of us.

Q. After all the goings on yesterday, just one question about obviously a couple of the caddies tested positive and whatnot. It seemed like there was a lot going on yesterday and a lot of uncertainty, and then Jay came out at 2:00 and spoke. I'm assuming you saw some of the things he had to say. What did you make of kind of how he settled things a little bit, and how did you feel after he was done?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I have a lot of faith in the PGA TOUR, and especially Jay Monahan. I know that they're going to make the right decision and do what's best for us players. So definitely yesterday there was all rumors flying around that certain things are going to happen. But we have faith in Jay, and we have faith in the TOUR, and we think that they're going to make the best decision for all of us.

Q. Does it give you any personal pause or anything to be out here?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, I mean, it's definitely not as safe as being home in my house quarantining, but we're doing the best we can to social distance and be as safe as we possibly can. But certainly when we're out here, it's a little bit uncomfortable, but they're doing -- again, like I keep saying, the best possible way to do this, they're doing it.

Q. Could you ever foresee a time if there were 10, 15, 20 players not playing because they tested positive that you would withdraw yourself, even if you were not sick?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I think if we get to that point, I think that none of us will be playing. But I'd have to wait and see. I haven't felt really in danger since I've been out here. I've felt pretty comfortable. I've been staying in my room and doing as much as I can. But I think if we had 20 guys test positive, I don't know if we'd be playing.

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