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June 25, 2020

Marc Leishman

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. I'm curious round-wise, you had five birdies. Do you consider that a good round? It was obviously gettable today.
MARC LEISHMAN: That was as gettable as I've ever seen this place, and the course is in the best condition I've obviously ever seen it. Greens are perfect, fairways are perfect. I played good, off to a really good start and hit a couple of loose shots on my back nine, which was the front nine. Yeah, I mean, 4-under is a good start, but I felt like it's going to be probably outside the top 20 at the end of the day I would think. Yeah, depending on what the weather does, but yeah, that's as easy as --

Q. Mackenzie Hughes is 9-under and he's on the second-to-last hole right now. I think he shot 29 on the back side, which you had 31 on. What kind of a round is that, nine birdies, no bogeys at this point?
MARC LEISHMAN: Oh, it's a great start. Yeah, 9-under any day is good. But Thursday morning is very nice to start the tournament that way. Like I said, it was out there. If you're putting good. The greens are absolutely perfect, and there was like zero wind. Yeah, that's a great score.

Q. I have one more question on Phil: The USGA just kind of rejiggered its qualification, so top 70 now gets in, so he's inside that right now, and obviously going back to Winged Foot with a chance to make up for what happened the first time around. What do you recall of that? I'm assuming you probably were rooting for Geoff for obvious reasons, but what do you recall of that day from what you remembered seeing?
MARC LEISHMAN: I remember all of the leaders kind of fell back on the back nine. Obviously I've never played Winged Foot, but I've heard it's brutally tough. The greens can get super fast, and they looked -- from what I remember, they were a little bumpy. And obviously I remember him on 18 there.

Yeah, I'm sure he wants some redemption. He's still playing good enough, that's for sure.

Q. You're a few years down the line before you get to 50. What's your impression of what he's doing at 50? He just turned 50 last week, and what do you feel like he'll be doing at 50? What do you hope to be doing at 50?
MARC LEISHMAN: I have no idea. Hopefully I'm still fit and healthy. He looks very fit, probably the fittest he's ever been to be honest, at 50, which is very impressive. I'd like to be playing a little less golf than I am now. I guess the kids will be grown up. But spending a bit more time with them and enjoying life, I guess. But I'd like to still play a bit of golf, as well. I think I would get quite bored if I had no golf at all.

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