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June 19, 2020

Luke List

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Q. What I'm looking for is just when you became aware of it and your reactions.
LUKE LIST: Clay told us after nine holes today.

Q. And how did that strike you?
LUKE LIST: We didn't really -- we knew Nick didn't show up and he wasn't feeling well, so there was some speculation in the beginning, but we didn't think about it for a little bit. Then after nine, we were informed. Yeah, it was hard to concentrate out there for me, just thinking about different stuff, and I wasn't playing my best anyway.

So it was a little -- it would be nice if they had an option you can kind of say if you want to know or not in a situation like that. I would definitely like to find out after the round next time.

Q. Did you and Vaughn talk about it?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, we did. Just kind of talking about how the situation was unfolding but no real like -- it's just all speculation until we get tested.

Q. But you're feeling fine?
LUKE LIST: I feel fine, but even if we go get tested, it might not show up until a few days down the road. So there's a lot of different scenarios.

Q. And your caddie is going to?
LUKE LIST: He feels fine also. They're going to test all of us, I believe.

Q. And your plan is to head on to Hartford, just keep your schedule going?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, as long as I'm positive, yeah. Excuse me. As long as I'm negative. If I'm positive, then I guess I'll have a nice little break. Hopefully, this doesn't snowball and this is an isolated case. If not, then it's going to be tough.

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